Fluency Arms Young People with Marketable Skills for the Digital Economy

February 25, 2014

4:37 pm

Fluency is a London-based company started by Sinead Mac Manus and Ian Anderson as a way to teach young adults web design and digital marketing skills to help them be more marketable in today’s digital world. They are then able to connect this new talent with companies sourcing out projects that cannot be completed in-house.

In 2011, Sinead launched Digital Academy–the precursor to Fluency–specifically to train underprivileged women in her area digital skills to help them earn better incomes and be more self-sufficient. Digital Academy succeeded in helping a number of women enter the digital economy.

With the success of Digital Academy, Sinead shifted her focus to the growing number of unemployed young people in the UK. Companies have become increasingly hesitant to hire young people with no experience for entry-level positions. Compound this with the influx of recent grads entering the workforce without the right skills, and prospects are looking pretty dismal for many young adults. The solution: Train these young people, who likely have some latent digital knowledge, with desirable skills AND provide them with applicable projects to build their resumes.

So aside from teaching young people web design and digital marketing, how does Fluency work?

1. Post a project that you need help with on their website.

2. Fluency team leaders break the project down and source it out to team members with the appropriate skills.

3. Team leaders constantly manage and monitor the work to ensure the highest quality product.

The ultimate outcome: Mutually beneficial relationships are formed between businesses and eager, talented, and hardworking young adults.

And who does Sinead see as the target market for Fluency?

“Small businesses. Microbusiness. The small consulting company. They know they need a website in this digital age. They know they need promoting and other digital things, but they don’t have the time. They have a business to run.”

Fluency was recently a contending startup in The Challenge Cup – London, part of a global competition to identify the hottest startups in education, energy, health, and smart cities.

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