Flyreel – Interact with People in One-Minute Videos

October 23, 2015

10:11 am

While apps such as Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook are great, there is still something missing, claim Cole Winans and Randy Hamilton. That’s why they created Flyreel, an iOS app that lets people post videos that others can add to.

This feature is at the core of Flyreel: If you are planning to launch a new challenge or contest, or you just want to demonstrate your skills and talent, record a video of up to one minute, post it, and watch it making waves. That’s great for stuff such as a guitar riff contest and the like, so I found it useful.


However, I couldn’t quite understand why Flyreel wants to connect both my email and phone number at launch. Giving my email was just a waste of time, because when I thought I was in, I was surprised to find that I needed to link my phone number as well to receive a text message. That’s fine, but it slows down the registration process.

When you launch the app you’ll be taken to the video feed where you can browse for videos and watch their responses. Forget about the keyboard, you’ll only use it to describe your own video or search for hashtags.

Unfortunately, Flyreel doesn’t really excel when it comes to user the interface, which makes the app harder to use. Take the record button for example: it’s “hidden” at the top-right corner of the app. And when you combine it with confusing buttons, well, that’s certainly not a winner in this case. At the top-left corner of the app there is an icon usually associated with “find friends”: As it turns out, it’s the share button. Since the app I tested is version 1.1, hopefully the developers will address those issues in future updates.


What I liked was that you can record your clips in two ways: You can either hold and release (which would make it hard to record guitar riffs for example), or you can press to start and then press again to finish the clip.

As soon as you launch to watch a reel, the videos will play automatically, which makes it interesting, since they are all video responses to another video. It’s nice.


It is worth noting that none of the videos you record will be saved to your camera roll – to save space – but it’ll be automatically uploaded to Flyreel’s servers. After that you decide if you want to share it with the public or keep it private. For the latter, you’ll need to have some friends using the app. I think it’s time to invite them all if you want to have some fun in one-minute videos linked to each other.

Flyreel is available as a free download from the App Store.


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