Fogo, the Amazing Adventure Gadget, Has Been Funded

June 19, 2015

4:00 pm

Crowdfunding is an amazing way of getting projects to take off, despite having some downsides. It is indeed a way to get funding for a project or product which would be, otherwise, very difficult to obtain; and at the same time, crowdfunding allows for a first “impact study” on consumers. Still, lots and lots of those campaigns are not successful, failing to meet the proponents’ expectations and pushing projects into the abyss.

Luckily, that was definitely not the case with Fogo, the high-tech adventure gadget mentioned before on Baptized with the Portuguese word for “fire”, Fogo seems just like an ordinary camping flashlight but, under the hood, is really much more than that.


Other than the actual flashlight, which consists of 1000 lumen LCD lights, it has some more unique features: GPS and digital compass, a battery with USB holding up to 6800 mAh of backup energy, a fully customizable OS based on apps, built-in Bluetooth that easily connects with smart sensors like heart rate monitors and smartphones, and a digital walkie talkie to voice and text to friends, as well as automatic location sharing.

The team behind Fogo looked for funding using the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, and the campaign is being a success so far. With a week to go, the raised amount is now over 175% of the initial amount, with over $90,000 raised and an initial goal of $50,000.

This means that the project has been successfully funded and Fogo will see daylight, with its production set to start after the end of this campaign. Early shipping should start by the end 2015, and anyone interested can still take part in the campaign in order to get a piece of Fogo for a lower price – reportedly, savings can reach $100 from the retail price.

Fogo is raising a lot of interested, with several awards to show for it. Once it is widely available for sale, it should raise interest among outdoors aficionados, due to its portability and usefulness of all the functionalities. Let’s keep an eye out for this amazing gadget.

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