Fogo, the High-Tech Swiss Army Knife

February 27, 2015

9:00 am

If you are someone who likes to go deep into the wilderness, be it just hiking, climbing, or any other activities in the wild, you know how important safety is, and how safety is improved when the right tools are there. However, sometimes all these tools take a lot of space, making all the logistics very hard.

However, a new and innovative product has just reached Kickstarter: Fogo, which has been baptized with the Portuguese word for “fire”, is an amazing new tool that, while looking like a somewhat regular flashlight, is really much more than that.

Fogo has a flashlight, indeed – a flashlight consisting of a thousand lumen LCD lights. But it has a lot more features that make it a truly unique gadget: GPS and digital compass, a battery with USB holding up to 6800mAh of backup energy, a fully customizable OS based on apps, built-in Bluetooth that easily connects with smart sensors like heart rate monitors and smartphones, and a digital walkie talkie to voice and text to friends, as well as automatic location sharing.

With such features, Fogo is great for hiking, fishing, hunting, navigating, camping and even biking – with the right bicycle mounts that are provided by the company behind Fogo, the device can become a true bicycle computer. It even provides a way to send and receive communications, through a walkie-talkie like functionality with the help of an external device (Digital Walkie-Talkie SmartCap).

Fogo also has some “bonus features”, like crash detection, “blink when bumped” for easy spotting in the dark, and adaptive lighting, that uses its sensors to intelligently adjust the flashlight brightness.

Fogo’s Kickstarter campaign had a promising start, considering that, with over 20 days to go, more than 20% of the initial goal has been achieved. This means that, with some luck, in the near future all the Bear Grylls out there will be able to pack way more lightly the next trip into the wilderness.

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