Foodtree Brings You Fresh Produce Straight from Your iPhone

July 7, 2011

1:00 pm

Ever wonder where your meal comes from?  Foodies may have a new obsession as one forward-thinking company is trying to answer that exact question.  Foodtree amplifies the power of social sharing with a snazzy new iPhone app that launched last weekend.

We’ve all heard the scary statistics: multiple cows in one burger, or the fact that an average meal travels thousands of miles before it lands on your plate.  With the Foodtree app, it’s easy for food lovers to share photos of food in their local communities, as well as where they found it and where it’s from.  It’s wired to work specifically in farmer’s markets right now; however, Foodtree plans to expand the experience to include restaurants and grocery stores.

The app is free and “unlocked ” in Vancouver and Boulder, with users in other cities organizing to unlock their communities.  The app displays a real-time feed of food photos near you.  Are you wondering what’s in season near you?  Foodtree can help.  Do you have a “local eggs” guy?  You can promote him.

And for a final dash of seasoning, Foodtree is valiantly aiming to build an open, comprehensive database of information about food, its origins, and how it has been produced and made its way to our plates.

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