Foreign Language Social Network Naboomboo Raises 50k Euros

May 24, 2015

10:00 am

Italian startup Naboomboo is a language learning social network. Their goal is to help you improve your proficiency in a foreign language by having conversations, in real time, with native speakers. Companies and researchers have been trying for years to crack the code for learning foreign language. Those who have lived in areas where they’ve had to communicate in a foreign language have realized that the most efficient way to learn a new language is during real life scenarios where you have to understand and be understood. It would make sense that this type of learning is much more successful than in a classroom memorizing vocabulary lists and past perfect tense.

Naboomboo’s platform has made it easy for people to connect with speakers of whatever language they’re trying to master, and talk about whatever topics they’d like, in that language. Their innovative social network has recently earned them an investment of €50,000 Club Italia Investimenti 2. This venture capital firm has partnerships with several accelerator programs, and invest in startups that come out of those accelerators. Naboomboo plans to use the funding to improve and expand the functionalities of the service as well as increase their user-base internationally.

The Naboomboo team is a group of business and tech professionals that share a common passion in social innovation. The founding team consists of Daniele Pozzo, Antonio de Marco, Matteo Padovano and Riccardo Rebora. Together they drive the direction of the company as far as web development and user experience, marketing, and expansion.

The platform launched in beta a year ago, to coincide with the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which was May 21st. They set themselves apart from other language learning platforms, in part because they use gamefication to promote interaction and community building. Also, those who come to the site to learn a language, can then give back to the community by conversing with others in their native tongue.

The site currently has over 2,000 users who speak over 50 languages. They are currently concentrating their focus on attracting native English speakers, since that’s their most requested language.


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