Forget Boring Old Status Updates! Share Videos Recorded on Your Smart Phone with Viddy

May 9, 2011

11:30 am

Before we went away for spring break last month, my husband attempted to buy a Flip even though Cisco had just announced they were shutting down that division.  Attempts to buy one failed, so what did we do on vacation?  We recorded videos on my husband’s smart phone instead.  Turns out we didn’t miss having a dedicated video recording device at all.

Yes, the era of camcorders is definitely over.  Mobile video is the new thing, and Santa Monica, California based startup Viddy is capitalizing on the trend.

Instead of telling your friends and family what you’re doing via a status update, you can now show them in visually stunning, bite-sized videos. Viddy features one-click, iMovie-style production packs complete with special effects, transitions, and audio tracks to make your videos look slick and worth sharing.

Viddy’s mobile video sharing app is available for the iPhone; apps for the iPad, Windows phone, Blackberry, and Android are in the works.

Viddy Screen-shot

Viddy Screen-shots

While there are other video sharing apps out there, none integrate social networking or beautiful production packs.  Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!  Leave a comment below.

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