Former Apple CEO John Sculley Discusses How the Company Sells Experiences [VIDEO]

October 13, 2014

6:00 pm

Before Tim Cook and before Steve Jobs, there was John Sculley. And while he does get a lot of criticism for his role in the company at the time, Sculley was the CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993 (in 1985, he kicked out Steve Jobs from the company, which is where most of this criticism comes from). Sure, it wasn’t exactly the Golden Age for the company, but he led Apple through the nascency of the personal computer – a feat impressive in its own right.

“There are still some very good experience advertising campaigns, and guess who runs some of the best: Apple. What’s really interesting to me is that Samsung and Microsoft way outspend Apple by a mile on how much money they put behind their advertising. And yet everyone seems to remember the Apple commercials. Can you remember a Microsoft commercial, or a Samsung commercial? Apple always focuses on the experience. It will rarely talk about how many bits or bytes or memory, or other characteristics of the product.”

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, the former Apple CEO talks about the importance of marketing experiences – the experience of actually using an Apple product – over marketing its features or specifications. And, I mean, Sculley is right: Apple sells experiences, and it does a really good job at it. I think one of the best examples of this was the video ad they released this year to celebrate the thirty-year anniversary of the Mac:

Rather than focusing on the features of their products, Apple focuses on the beauty and elegance that the products bring into our everyday lives. In the video below, watch John Sculley talk about Apple’s approach to marketing, what he brought to the company from Pepsi, and the lessons he learned from Steve Jobs.

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