Former Facebook, Google, and IBM Executives Have Cofounded an Accelerator

June 13, 2017

1:30 pm

Accelerators, while an integral piece of the startup puzzle, are a dime a dozen. With US cities making a bigger push for innovation, these purveyors of capital, mentorship, and other business resources have become a staple of startup ecosystems across the country. There are niche programs with specific qualifications can fund, mentor, and advise startups of all shapes and sizes. But if you want to really change the business world, you have got to go with one that’s run by someone who knows what they’re doing.

TheVentureCity is a new accelerator cofounded by Facebook’s former Director of International Business Development and Mobile Partnerships, Laura González-Estéfani, along with Clara Bullrich. As a full stage solution for startups, TheVentureCity will offer more than your typical accelerator, giving budding companies the opportunity to scale on an international level.

“The startup market has expressed a need for something different – something more streamlined and comprehensive such that all their needs can be met in one place allowing for consistent support,” said González-Estéfani. “While others provide entrepreneurs with the initial tools to get them started, TheVentureCity is our response to the need for a solution that offers startups everything from engineering and product optimization to data analysis, guiding them throughout the entire process.”

The Where

With a notably international focus, the accelerator will have the unique mission of bridging the gap between startups and the global market. Strategically located in Miami, the accelerator will ideally be facilitating the growth of the startup/tech industry in Europe, Latin America, and of course the US. And with a network of disruptive growth hubs in Madrid, Silicon Valley, and Miami, they’re more than set up for success.

The Why

With entrepreneurs constantly stressed out about the financial side of the business, this kind of accelerator is a necessity in the space. By providing a more in-depth, comprehensive program, TheVentureCity will be able to focus on innovative ideas rather than how to get funding. And that, says the founders, is the key to bringing these ideas to life.

“Many of these entrepreneurs bring great ideas and great models to the table, yet are inhibited by their lack of knowledge on the finance side,” said Co-Founder Bullrich.  “What we offer at TheVentureCity is not only strategic support on the tech side, but we help set them up for long-term financial success, ensuring their vision becomes reality.”

The Who

If you’re questioning their ability to make this happen for new startups, wait until you check out their team. With a veritable who’s-who of tech talent from some of the biggest companies in the world, there should be little doubt in your mind that a full stage solution is not only possible, but downright plausible. The team includes:

  • Santiago Canalejo, COO; formerly Booz Allen, Pagnifique
  • Victor Servin, CTO; formerly Tigo Millicom
  • Patricia de Loro, CPO; formerly Vodafone, eBay
  • Borja Zamácola, VP Studio; formerly Entrepreneur, Neck & Neck
  • Jimena Zubiria, VP University of Americas; formerly Google, Wildfire
  • Carlos Montes, VP University EMEA; formerly IBM, Siemens
  • Juan Ramiro, VP Engineering; formerly Engineer consulting
  • Guillermo Cortina, VP Bank; formerly ABS, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch
  • Elisa Rodriguez-Vila, Campus Director Miami, formerly Fusion, Co-founder LAB Miami

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