FounderDating Wants to Hear Your Entrepreneurial Questions

February 19, 2015

11:00 pm

When we think of the word ‘dating’ we tend to think about star crossed lovers gazing into each other’s eyes; the background scene might be hustling and bustling, but to them the world stands still. But there are more forms of dating outside of the romance angle.

I would say that anytime you meet a new potential friend, coworker, or creative partner you’re in a sense ‘dating’ them. Why should it be any different when it comes to finding the people you want to startup a business with?

San Francisco’s FounderDating has long been committed to helping entrepreneurs connect with the right people and resources they need to succeed, hence the name. To make their already airtight platform even better, the team announced the release of FounderDating Discuss.

Users now have the ability to engage the entrepreneur and advisor-centric community in open discussion and Q&A on various entrepreneurial topics. It’s important because sometimes access to the right experienced-based information is more challenging than it needs to be.

Jessica Alter, cofounder and CEO of FounderDating, recognizes that rarely do entrepreneurial questions have black and white answers, opting rather for subjectivity and ambiguity. FounderDating Discuss, then, offers a trusted space to ask what’s the best CRM system for startups, or if designers should be able to code.


“We’re seeing between four and five quality responses in fewer than two hours on the low end, and an average of eight responses per question,” says Alter. “If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with something, no matter how big or small, significantly decreasing the time to figure it out by hours or weeks is insanely valuable.”

Additionally, there have been thousands of discussions started and questions asked, altogether sporting a 95 percent response rate.

As it currently stands, all FounderDating members can start or respond to a discussion, but it’s closely moderated like any forum and has to adhere to the community guidelines. To ensure everything stays A-OK, it’s mandated that everyone be helpful to the majority of the community in one way or another.


“I’d describe FounderDating Discuss as if Quora and Reddit had an entrepreneurial baby. There tends to be more interaction like Reddit, but with a focus on quality like Quora,” says Alter.

Before this new launch, FounderDating focused primarily on connecting entrepreneurs with the right cofounders and advisors. To date they’ve become the largest curated network for startup advisors, but they’re expanding into a new role as an entrepreneurial network.

Their mission is to be the place entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that surrounds them goes to find the right people and resources, from cofounders to general advice.






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