Foursquare iVOTED Badge Takes On Stickers; Encourages Voting

November 2, 2010

6:26 pm

Today is election day and as proud American citizens we can all head to the ballots to express our right to vote. To help motivate those who might be socially, geo-locally motivated, Foursquare has teamed with DC-based JESS3 to create a new site to track the election polling participation at

JESS3 designed the site and leveraged the Voting Information Project while helped provide the data for over 108,000 polling locations. The site visualizes real-time voting stats and check-ins. So when you do vote today, be sure to check-in on Foursquare and include #ivoted in your shout out and get a limited edition iVOTED badge.

JESS3 co-founder and President Leslie Bradshaw explained:

“Starting with visualizing tweets and blogs in 2008 with C-SPAN (Convention and Debate Hubs), we are psyched to be at it once again with the newest frontier in social media and civic engagement: geosocial.”

JESS3 CEO and co-founder Jesse Thomas had this to say about the process:

“Good design starts with good UX and that’s what we did with this project. We’ve posted our initial wireframes (shown here) to give folks an inside look at what it takes to really nail data visualization.”

The iVOTED badges have a couple serious advantages over the traditional stickers. First, they’re environmentally friendly. But second, they have a far broader reach. Previously, only the people who saw you that day would see the sticker. Now you can see people across your social networks as they proudly engage in their civic duties and possibly feel just a bit more social pressure to engage yourself. Note that Facebook and Twitter are also offering voting-related campaigns to do their part. Facebook is offering an “I Voted” button above your feed while Twitter is adding some glitz to tweets that use the #iVoted hashtag today. I dare you to check-in on Foursquare while tweeting the #iVoted hashtag from your polling location and see what happens.

While there is no doubt the Foursquare virtual “iVOTED” badge will not offer a serious threat to replacing the “I Voted” stickers voters received today, it is clear that ge0-location technology can be used to help bring awareness and motivation to early adopters to get out there and vote on election day for a few pixels of glory.

I Voted Map

Foursquare + JESS3 Visual The Election

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