Tech Cocktail’s Co-Founder Frank Gruber To Launch Delivering Hawaiianess: An Island Chain As A Startup

April 1, 2014

7:15 am

After spending almost eight years building Tech Cocktail into an online tech startup news and events company with global reach, we’d like to report Tech Cocktail Co-founder and CEO, Frank Gruber has announced the launch of a new initiative called Delivering Hawaiianess. Delivering Hawaiianess will take the learnings from Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Las Vegas, which has a similar mission being applied on the city level, and span it over a roughly 1500 mile island chain. The $350 billion dollar effort will have to jump over geographic hurdles as it attempts to create a walkable island chain.

Gruber, also the author of Startup Mixology, admits the idea for Delivering Hawaiianess came to him while on the north shore of the island of Kauai. Gruber posted an Instragram photo where Ashton Allen, the Downtown Project’s music lead, commented that someone should bring the Downtown Project learnings to Hawaii. When he realized the photo was taken in the very location that inspired the classic song, Puff the Magic Dragon, he knew it had to happen.

Frank Gruber had this to say on his blog:

“I am excited about the new chapter that lies ahead with Delivering Hawaiianess as we look to create an island culture filled with collision-able hours and serendipity on an island scale in paradise (not to be confused with Paradise, Nevada just south of Las Vegas).”

Key objectives will be to attract startups to the islands while also starting the worlds first Startup Surf & Ukelele school, where surf competitions and a YouTube channel of Jack Johnson cover tunes will help fund the project. Gruber started his cross-cultural training a few months ago when he purchased a ukelele, attempted to surf and even attended a Hawaiian luau.

Hawaiian native, Revolution founder and former CEO and Chairman at AOL, Steve Case shared his thoughts:

“The Delivering Hawaiiness initiative seems like one I can get behind.”

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and founder of Downtown Project could not be reached for comment.

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