Get Free and Discounted Apps during the Holidays

December 17, 2012

9:00 am

If you want to give yourself a gift this holiday season, look no further than the app store. You can find many free apps and discounted apps on iOS and Android during the holidays. These are limited-time offers, so download them while they’re hot!

Our free picks (iOS)

  • PaperKarma: Take a photo of junk mail you don’t want to receive, and PaperKarma will try to get you unsubscribed.
  • Onavo Extend: Helps decrease the data you use by compressing images and files and keeping track of which apps use the most data. Works with Verizon, Sprint, Orange, and Vodafone.

Other free apps (iOS)


  • Smart Soundtracker: Automatically fits soundtracks to your videos. They offer six royalty-free music tracks and a variety of paid tracks.
  • Ringtone.s Maker Pro: Create ringtones using your iTunes songs.


  • Pic Jointer: Combine multiple photos into a collage, and share with your friends.
  • InstaCollage Pro: Combine multiple Instagram photos into a collage, and add captions.
  • Awesome Camera – Live Effects: A camera that lets you see how your photo filters will look before you snap a shot.
  • SpaceFX: Add one of 55 different filters to your photos before posting to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Nudifier: Choose any photo and make part of it pixelated, as if the subject were nude.
  • Private Photo: Add a password to your photos or photo folders.
  • InstaEditor: Add filters, text, and drawings on your photos.

Social Media




  • Make a Scene: Farmyard: A sticker app where kids create farm scenes with animations.
  • AirCover Family Locator: Uses GPS to track where your family is, send alerts when you arrive at a destination, and see the nearest hospital and police station.
  • iOdds: An app for sports betters that gives you the latest scores and odds.
  • Dog Training Club: Teach your dog new behaviors and tricks, with help from professional trainers.

Apps on sale (iOS)


  • Fantastical (regular $3.99, on sale for $1.99): A calendar app that lets you input appointments by voice, with a bright and friendly design.
  • Debt Free (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): A finance app that helps you pay off your debts using the popular “debt snowball” method.
  • Voice Dictation (regular $3.99, on sale for $0.99): A voice dictation app that helps you send text messages, emails, and social media posts.
  • Stocks Live (regular $7.99, on sale for $1.99): Track your portfolio and the stock market.
  • EverClip (regular $2.99, on sale for $1.99): Copy a segment from any app and send it to Evernote.
  • MyMeetingPro HD (on sale for $4.99): Plan meetings, keep track of notes, and help make meetings shorter.
  • Alarm Clock Master HD (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): An alarm clock, plus weather, phone and FaceTime calling, and a photo album.

Social Media

  • Twitterific 5 (regular $5.99, on sale for $2.99): A Twitter client.

Photos and Video

  • Timelapse Pro (regular $3.99, on sale for $1.99): Create timelapse and stopmotion movies.
  • PicsPlay Pro (regular $3.99, on sale for $0.99): Professional photo editing and effects.


  • Super Stickman Golf (on sale for $0.99): Play golf with super powers, like freezing a water hazard or stopping your ball in mid-air.
  • Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy (on sale for $2.99): Go to battle in the air.
  • Bold Poker (regular $3.99, on sale for $1.99): A virtual game of poker – if everyone downloads the app, you don’t need to use cards.


  • The Night Sky (regular $4.44, on sale for $1.11): Hold your phone up to the sky and it will identify constellations and stars.
  • iExit Interstate Exit Guide (on sale for $0.99): See what exits are coming up and get alerts when to get off the highway for your destination.
  • Sleep by MotionX (regular $9.99, on sale for $2.99): Tracks your heart rate to help you wake at the ideal time in your sleep cycle.
  • Starting Your Day Right Devotional (regular $9.99, on sale for $3.99): One devotion for every morning to help you pray.

Android apps


  • QR Droid Private (free): Scan QR codes without creating a login.
  • Linquet (up to 40 percent off with discount code linq15): An app plus little tags that attach to your phone and valuables, so you get alerts when you leave them behind.


  • Fooducate Plus from Cigna (free): Rates your groceries and suggests healthier alternatives.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine (regular $2.14, on sale for $1.07): General information on Ayurvedic medicine, plus recipes and how to treat conditions.
  • Foam Roller Techniques (on sale for $0.99): Different exercises and therapies that use a foam roller.
  • Health Journal (free): Keep track of your health records, medications, exercise, and other data.


  • Flakes (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): A game where you try to catch falling snowflakes.
  • Master of the Obstacles (regular $2.00, on sale for $1.00): Make it through an obstacle course to reach the girl.
  • Pyramid Solitaire (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): A game of pyramid solitaire.
  • Sailboat Championship (on sale for $1.99): Race sailboats on the sea, with detailed graphics and action-packed courses.
  • Drive with Zombies 3D (free): Drive through the desert while fighting off zombies that attack your vehicle.
  • The Tiny Bang Story (on sale for $0.99): Rebuild the world, which has been devastated by an asteroid crash.


  • Cnectd Messenger – Chat & Text (free): Send text messages to contacts on Blackberry, iPhone, and Android for free.
  • J23 – Jordan Release Dates (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): Keep track of release dates for Jordan Brand athletic products.
  • Paint Shape Plus (on sale for $0.99): Painting made easy with different shapes and backgrounds.
  • Nail Polish Rack (regular $1.99, on sale for $0.99): Keep track of the nail polishes you have at home so you have a record when you’re buying new ones.

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