Event Ticketing Platform TicketLeap – Free for Small Events

August 12, 2010

9:50 am

As we were setting up TECH cocktail Philly, we heard a few people talking about a social ticketing platform startup in the area and set out to connect with them. The first thing we learned is that while somewhat new to us, TicketLeap has been around for several years – they even received funding a couple of years ago. Their sweet spot seems to be small and mid-sized events and in fact, according to them:

TicketLeap is the fastest growing ticketing company in the U.S. for small-to-midsize events, helping thousands of event organizers increase their sales and simplify their ticketing.

Their philosophy is simple: bring cutting-edge ticketing to even the smallest events and treat every event organizer like they are the company’s most important client. TicketLeap is fantastic for small and free events as they are always free. Once you start selling more than 100 tickets per month, it’s a flat $2 per ticket sold. They offer customization options, Facebook integration, and reports, making themselves competitive in the marketplace, but TicketLeap is also trying to differentiate themselves as the social ticket platform, allowing patrons to post comments on any event page through Facebook and Twitter, which cycles back to the social networks, helping to spread the word about the event. Facebook events can also be imported.

Check out their video below and come see TicketLeap in person as they will be on hand at TECH cocktail Philly on August 12th at the Field House from 6:30 pm – 9:00pm ET.

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