FreshTeam: A Collaboration App That Eliminates Low-Value Communication

April 25, 2016

7:00 pm

A culture of collaboration within businesses is a recent and innovative practice. Some companies already use this work model, but not all have implemented this practice on the corporate quotidian. However, in recent years, with the increasing creation of applications using the cloud to store and share files, work done collaboratively and remotely team has become increasingly easier and widely spread.

There are thousands of apps that propose to increase employee productivity and optimize the company’s workflow, but how many of them actually manage to do that? One of the best in this market is FreshTeam, a mobile team collaboration app for Android and iOS that is an all-in-one location, text, voice and video chat, and conferencing tool.

Interestingly enough, the app announces itself as an anti-messenger, aiming to make teams talk less and know more. Unlike other competitor services, like Slack, FreshTeam focuses on the valuable communications, dropping low-value messaging entirely.

FreshTeam gives team members all the important information about each other, such as: the precise location of each team member ;whether they are on the move by foot or vehicle; whether they are on a call; if their battery is low, and more. Group calling, business-grade chat, and walkie-talkie style voice messaging are integrated into the service.

This service works by combining the sensors found on smartphones with user presence proprietary software. With this, the status of each users is automatically shared, without the need for them to take their phones out.

FreshTeam’s built-in messenger is optimized for mobile work with HD one-to-one and group calling, which can hold up to 100 users. It enables users to look up and connect via unique usernames, as well as their address book information (phone and email). Username look-up and connection is critical for workplace communication, as many colleagues do not share their mobile numbers.

All this makes FreshTeam a must-have app for every company where teamwork is a key component, so be sure to give it a go.


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