From ACT! Co-Founder, VIPorbit is Changing the Way You Manage Your Contacts on the Go

May 22, 2012

4:00 pm

Let’s say you start a company that not only creates an entire new industry, but also revolutionizes the way people conduct business.  How do you follow up on that success?  A) Travel the world, B) retire early and play a lot of golf, or C) start another revolutionary company?

If you answered C, you are a true entrepreneur, eager for the next challenge.  That is exactly what Mike Muhney, co-founder of ACT! did.  ACT! literally created the entire contact management category and industry and is still being used 25 years later.  Muhney’s newest venture is Dallas-based VIPorbit Software, which he co-founded with Kristi Elmendorf, an ACT! alumnus, and Max J. Pucher, a multi-patented software entrepreneur.

VIPorbit is a 21st century iteration on ACT! – as the first relationship-centric mobile relationship manager on the market, you can easily manage your contacts, calendars, and communications on your iPhone or iPad.

Naturally, Muhney is applying some ACT! lessons learned to VIPorbit:

“Meaningful business comes from, and is sustained by, meaningful relationships – and today’s ubiquitous mobile device market can … enjoy the same type of efficiency, effectiveness, and value that before now was limited…. VIPorbit is creating a whole new and immensely larger-potential category [than contact management] called Mobile Relationship Management, and delivering the most robust and seamlessly integrated functional value that reflects the way relationship-centric people work both in business as well as personal.”

Muhney added that the sky is the limit.  “Everybody sells – as Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn says, ‘Today, everyone is their own business, and as a business how are you managing it?’  The most important, pertinent, valuable, and even priceless assets are everyone we know.”

So far there are been some surprise users of the platform: Playboy headquarters and Sinbad, the comedian and actor, who claims that VIPorbit is, “Better than a joint!”  Try out VIPorbit for yourself and see if you agree!

VIPorbit was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Dallas mixer last week. 

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