FullGlass Launches in NYC, Provides Free Drinks for Users

June 9, 2016

9:00 am

Everyone loves getting free stuff. And whether it be through clip-able coupons at Target or promo codes on GrubHub, the digital revolution has changed the way we save money. But if you love going out on the town, you probably haven’t found a way to transfer those thrifty methods into a practical application in bars and clubs. Fortunately, FullGlass is looking to bring affordability to a nightclub near you. As long as you live in New York.

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FullGlass is a simple mobile app that aims to bring the cost of partying way down. By partnering with more than 75 bars, clubs and restaurants in New York, they now provide unmatched deals on drinks to make the scene a little more affordable for everyone. Their single click redemption process makes it simple to take advantage of the unlimited buy-one-get-one-free deals all around the city.

“Every time a person goes to a bar or restaurant they end up paying $10 or more for a product that costs the venue 50 cents,” said Ilya Zatulovkiy, CEO of FullGlass With FullGlass. “We are able to transform the way venues attract and maintain consumers. We have seen mobile apps disrupt the process of ordering a taxi, going to the gym and we hope that FullGlass will do similar to how people go out!”

If you are worried that this app is merely a deal machine, you couldn’t be more wrong. Coupon apps have been seen far and wide, but FullGlass aims to make the going-out experience a communal event where bars and patrons are interacting on a regular basis. FullGlass allows people to engage with the establishments they love and explore establishments they’ve never been to.

“We also allow the venue to send a custom message to the FullGlass members when they receive their drink,” said Zatulovkiy in an exclusive interview with Tech.Co. “This can be a promotional/featured item, fun fact about the venue or even a joke.”

While New York was the prime launching location, FullGlass has aspirations to go beyond the Big Apple and integrate their program into cities around the country. After all, not every city in the world boasts the notoriously low prices in New York (lots of sarcasm). But where do they plan to kick off next?

“We have have already started on-boarding venues in Los Angeles with a launch scheduled later this year,” said Zatulovkiy. “We do have have our eyes set on Philadelphia and 3 cities in California next, but that’s for early 2017.”

As someone that lives in a fairly expensive city himself (Chicago), I find this type of digital marketing fantastic. Due to the popularity of most bars, I’m often walking away from bartenders with two drinks in my hands anyway. With FullGlass, I’d be able to save on at least one of them. And while they have no plans to hit the Windy City any time soon, I can hope and pray that our day will come.

Photo: Flickr / Jeremy Lim

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