4 Fun Apps to Help You Relieve Stress

March 1, 2016

2:20 pm

Whether you have some down time or are looking for something to relax with, these 4 apps are sure to help. These are what you need the next time you sit down after a long stressful day. Take a look at what these apps have to offer to help you relax.


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Suti is a fun and quirky game that allows you to be the virtual pet owner of Suti, the adorable little creature that needs a home. The game allows users to simulate the adoption of a real pet. Suti needs a home, food, to be cleaned, and cared for. User’s can have fun choosing from a wide variety of fun outfits to dress Suti up in. Once Suti is dressed and ready to go users can choose from over 10 mini games to stay entertained and challenged with. Suti is available free in the App Store, download and give Suti a home today.



Creating noises to listen to in order to relax is now made easy with the release of the Whist app.  Users are in complete control and get to decide what sort of sounds relax them the most. That is most unique feature about Whist, the fact that users can alter the noises as much as they want to get exactly what they want out of their relaxation. The app has a timer setting that allows for individuals to listen for as long as desired by choosing for a time for it to stop. Sounds created by individuals can be saved for later use, and the pre made list of sounds allow for fast selection. Whichever way helps you relax through sound is available through Whist. Whist is now available for free in Google Play.


screen322x572-5Calm is an app that is the perfect mixture between relaxing sounds and pretty scenes. This app puts more relaxation and meditation into your life by being able to choose scenes that have accompanying music to create a calming experience. A more interactive aspect of Calm is the day by day meditation course to be followed in order to obtain a zen place when needed most. The course provides users with a 10 minute guided session for each day of the week. Whether you are at the office or in need of a break from homework, Calm will aid you in getting to your quiet place. It offers the interesting feature of being able to view scenes that can help with relaxation as well. This app is available for free in the App Store.


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The Omvana app offers a huge library of guided meditations and is available for free in the App Store. Certain meditations can be purchased within the app, or users can choose to listen to the ones provided for them for free. The guided mediations are appealing to anyone looking for a quick two minute session or a long 60 minute one. Omvana is unique because it offers different types and lengths of mediation to be useful during the day when a user has a quick minute, or for a long session to unwind at the end of the day.

Being able to relax or have a little fun at the end of a long day is important, but sometimes finding the right apps to do so can be tricky. We have chosen the top four apps that make relaxing easier and more effective. Explore the different features each of these 4 apps have to offer and let us know what you think.

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