FunSeek Takes their Activity Finding Platform National

April 18, 2015

6:00 pm

As someone who’s lived in the DC area for over eight years, and also as someone who does not have gobs of expendable income, I’ve learned what a perfect town this is for the good ol’ staycation. But DC isn’t all Smithsonian museums and phallic-shaped monuments. There’s actually quite a wide range of activities in the area for everyone from toddlers, to hipsters, to hipster toddlers (they exist).

However, having options does not always make choosing one easier, in fact, it often makes things harder. Also, these options are rarely all in one place, causing you to keep opening more and more tabs as you weigh the pros and cons. A local TV producer-turned stay-at-home mom-turned entrepreneur is working to streamline the process by creating FunSeek as a way to make it easier to see everything going on in your city, all in one place.

“Fun is relative, so funseek is personal. From performers at local coffee shops to national concert tours, from garage sales to high end trunk shows, funseek was thoughtfully designed to match individual preferences through simple and fun, customized searches.”

Founder Archana Jaiswal has worked in media for over twenty years including as Associate Producer for Charles Grodin’s weekly commentary on 60 Minutes II, CBS News.  She also spent some time as a stay-at-home mom, and thus was responsible for finding fun and enriching activities for her three kids, and for herself. She’d spend more time looking for these activities than actually partaking in them. That’s basically what sparked the idea for FunSeek.

Funseek started in Baltimore, then expanded to DC, and has recently launched nationally.  Now people in every major city in the country can find activities through their platform. It’s just as useful to tourists as it is to locals since it lists wide ranges of events from concerts, to yoga classes, to garage sales. Also, if you know of an awesome event that isn’t listed, you can share the love by posting it yourself.

FunSeek first showcased three years ago at a Tech Cocktail Mixer in Baltimore. It’s great to see them continuing to grow and be so successful!


Image Credit: Aundre Larrow

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