To the Future: Aaron Draplin & Jenn Lukas on Design

May 4, 2015

8:00 am

There’s one conference that’s designed to bring product teams, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to connect over the web future we’re all working towards. Future Insights Live is coming to Las Vegas June 1-4. To connect with your peers on UX, APIs, CSS, SVG, A/B testing, and all the nuts and bolts of managing development and design, the time to register is right now.

The Future Insights Community

Connect with veterans like Hiten Shah, Rachel Andrew, Wayne Sutton, and Scott Jenson or meet newer speakers who will discuss everything from Meteor, Front-end, Diversity, and Remote teams. Future Insights attendees say that really connecting with peers and speakers is one of the best things about this conference. For four full days, choose between full-day workshops and an evening hackathon, or tracks that include Pure Design, Front-End, Toolkits & APIs, or Product & Strategy.

Jenn Lukas

Connect with Front-End designer Jenn Lukas to look at the future of responsive design: What are the challenges around performance and experience associated with images?

She’ll also kick off the last day of the conference with a Keynote on being a great co-worker. We caught up with Jenn because we wanted to know:


What are 5 Things More Classes Should Teach Their Students? She was happy to share her thoughts, and put it very simply:

1. Code validation

2. Clean code formatting

3. Where to find trustable learning resources online

4. How to debug your own code

5. Cross-browser and device QA and testing

Tackling Big Problems at Future Insights

Design teams can take specific projects through the guided curriculum to collaborate and use the benefit of the practical knowledge present. Typography, style guides, and everything to keep yourself and your team motivated can be found in these amazing sessions – check out the schedule!

Aaron DraplinKeep calm and ship it, avoid decision design, and get inspired as Aaron Draplin delivers a Keynote that promises to inspire you to attack your design future in a different way.


What is the Future of Design? Aaron gave us the best 5 questions designers can ask themselves to embrace the future.


1. Is all my data backed up? “If you aren’t on the cloud yet, I’d heavily recommend getting it going. Data is volatile. Data is everything. Our photos, files, writings, memories, bills, deeds, etc. If you spill water on your laptop or he hard drives goes out, things can get UGLY and fast. Don’t be the one who has to start over, wondering what got lost. Get right and get it on the cloud! And then, back that shit up a couple more times on external drives, just in case! Back it up, back it up and then, back it up!”

2. Are my files tight? “When handing off files, remember, that how you hand off stuff speaks volumes about your work, your skill set and your responsibility to the project. If things are sloppy, with unnecessary stuff on the dartboard, stray fonts and excessive file sizes, folks will write you off.”

3. Do I like the work I am doing? “This one is tricky. We’ve all got to make a living. Sometimes, you have to suck it up and do the rough stuff. We all do. But always challenge yourself, and check in to make sure you are alright with stuff. And if you aren’t, make the necessary steps to make shit better. And, always put things into perspective. When I ask myself this, and get down on myself for doing repetitive or unsavory work, I always think about this: ‘Remember that one summer digging ditches?’ And suddenly, the worst day on the job is cake. Funny how that works.”

4.Why do we only make design from 9-5? “With design, not every job has to be for a paycheck. Maybe it’s just to help someone out. Or just because it’s fun to do. Help a friend out with a poster for their band’s show. Or help you uncle make a better business card for this company. Design can have an incredible effect on our everyday lives outside of our jobs. And the funny part? You can show that stuff in your portfolio too! Can’t make what you want on the job? Do it on your own time and soar with the eagles!”

5. Does the universe have an edge? “Really think about this for a second. Right this very second…right now…our universe is expanding. Into what? From what? Near what? And, if you go in one direction…will you go in that direction forever? Get cosmic!”

Tech.Co is happy to announce our media partnership with Future Insights. Get your tickets to the conference today and follow the discussion online at #FILIVE!

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