17 Future Technologies That People Find the Most Unsettling

October 3, 2017

10:50 am

Being afraid of technology is a natural response in the modern age. With self-driving cars, drones, and artificial intelligence going from sci-fi lore to headline news in a manner of years, everyday consumers have been bombarded with more new technologies on a daily basis than James Bond visiting Q before a big mission. And the technologies that freak people out the most are to be somewhat expected.

Thanks to research from CBT Nuggets, we now know exactly which technologies are eliciting the most fear from everyday Americans. By surveying 500 Americans about their excitement and reservations toward technology that might be on the horizon (on a scale from 1-4), they were able to get a clear picture of what’s making people giddy and what’s making people worried. A swarms of drones came in at number one across the board, despite their various uses.

“For women and men, swarms of autonomous drones were identified as the most concerning concept. While drone tech has been employed in large-scale military operations, the technology has more practical applications as well. You might be able to get purchases from Amazon even quicker in the future – all thanks to drones,” wrote the authors of the study.

As for the rest of the list, a verifiable who’s-who of worrisome technologies round out the top five, including robots that can teach each other, self-learning computers, self-driving cars, and flying cars. While fears like falling carburetors and ethical dilemmas in cars are reasonable concerns, these fears are likely nothing more than sci-fi-fueled imagination and fear mongering on the part of industries poised to go out of business when these technologies go mainstream.

However, this study is worth noting, regardless of its motivations, by businesses of all sizes. If your average consumer is worried about the repercussions of purchasing or supporting your product or service, they’re going to be a lot less willing to push the button when the time comes to convert. While I can’t give you a cure for the fear of evolving technologies, I can tell you that ignoring them won’t get you very far.

If you’re interested in reading the full study, check it out here, or simply check out the other technologies that people are worried about in the future below:

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