Fyuse App Offers the Next Generation of Selfies

April 20, 2015

10:00 am

People worldwide are undeniably attracted to the appeal of taking selfies. This is most likely one of the major driving forces behind the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, and it has helped create an entire app industry. Without selfies and the desire to catalogue every aspect of our lives, apps such as Instagram would have never taken off. Instead, Instagram’s most recent numbers indicate that they have more than 300 million users, and this has allowed them to surpass Twitter in terms of social media popularity.

Taking Selfies to the Next Level

The obsession with selfies has reached such a high point that there are at least 93 million of them taken every single day. Even more astounding is the fact that smartphone users checks their phones a combined 100 billion times daily. With statistics like these, it is no wonder that there are so many startup companies angling to get a piece of the pie. However, becoming a major presence in the world of selfies and smartphone photography requires something beyond the norm. Startup Fyuse launched an innovative photo app in 2014, and thousands of iPhone and Android users have given it a high rating. The latest update was released earlier this month, and it provides users with enhanced video exporting options.

What Sets Fyuse Apart?

There are two standard formats for taking a selfie: a single image or a short video. Both of these offer a good idea of what the individual was doing at the time, but they are limited in their scope. Fyuse gives people the ability to merge the best of both worlds and combine them with panoramic results. The way this works is that Fyuse takes continual images that then create one big, incredibly smooth photo that is interactive, contains motion and includes 360 degree views. Additionally, users can utilize 3D tagging to properly document the entire image.

Social Media Aspects

Instead of merely giving users an unusual way to capture selfies and anything else that they choose to photograph, the Fyuse app is also connected to its own social networking platform. This means that people can use Fyuse in a manner that is similar to Instagram, but their photos will be interactive so that viewers can swipe through everything that was captured within the 360 degree area.

The Lesson of Fyuse’s Marketing Techniques

The Fyuse team recently received some high profile exposure by displaying their app at Katy Perry’s premiere for the movie “Prismatic World Tour on Epix.” Fans in attendance were able to try the app out, and Perry also took Fyuse for a test run. This type of marketing is the perfect way to reach Fyuse’s target audience, and it serves as a good lesson for other app developers.

Smartphone photography is likely to continue evolving, and the selfie has shown that it has more lasting appeal than a mere fad. With apps like Fyuse regularly hitting the market, life’s precious memories have never been easier to capture and catalogue.

Image credit: Flickr/Damien Derouene

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