The 4 Gadgets to Buy Before Going Back to School

August 5, 2016

3:30 pm

Every year, the late summer brings a mix of dread and anticipation as a new semester arises. It’s been that way for most students since they first headed to kindergarten, and it remains true as they travel the hallowed halls of a college.

Along with the sadness of leaving family and friends again comes the feeling of excitement about what’s ahead. Part of what gets many students cranked up for school is the opportunity to buy new things.

Of course, that has gone far beyond the smell of new crayons or the smooth zipper of a new backpack. Students today at every level, but particularly in college, are getting more high-tech items in preparation for their fall studies.

With so much emphasis on a wired back-to-school setup, security becomes a new consideration that has never been so important. Every device you have to make your life easier is also a device that can create incredible expense and inconvenience for you. So it’s very important that you carefully analyze the devices you use and how you use them.

Now that we have that little caveat behind us, let’s talk about what you will see getting plugged in this fall.

Secure Storage

The news is full of stories about data breaches in the Cloud, on email servers, and in individual computers. As a result, it’s always a good idea to store your important and sensitive files on a secure device that you can remove from the computer and keep with you all the time. SecureUSB reinforces the importance of using a flash drive that is encrypted so your data remains private and secure.

It’s hardly the most exciting thing you will purchase, but it could save the loss of that huge term paper, critical emails, or even financial information. If you make one purchase for the handling and storage of files, make it one of these.


Out of detergent again? Didn’t you just buy some last week? Apparently not. For the overbooked college student, it can be very easy to forget to replenish your supply of critical needs for the dorm or apartment.

If you’re an Amazon user (and who still isn’t?), you can install an Amazon Dash Button that you place near certain products, so that you can re-order at the moment you begin to run low and automatically get a new supply from Amazon. You can stick one in the bathroom for hairspray, in the kitchen for cleaning products, you name it. A quick confirmation on email and it’s on its way.

Self-Charging Phone Case

You should make two important provisions for your phone: Physical storage and energy storage. Now there’s an Otter Box that does both. The case has a built-in battery that carries a full charge, so that your descent from 100% to 0% through the day can be quickly repeated, doubling your day’s energy availability.

With lots of time spent on the move and a constant battle for access to outlets, this gadget is a great way to keep power and protection for your phone.

World-Class Alarm Clock

Nothing will foul up your grades faster than oversleeping. If you’ve tried everything and just can’t get up, and if your roommates (and neighbors, and maybe even your neighbors’ neighbors) can handle it, the Sonic Boom alarm clock will emit a 113 dB wakeup tone and can even shake your mattress.

Of course, such a powerful device may not be well-suited to a dorm with crumbling plaster on the walls, but if you’re one of those students who can’t seem to obey a simple beep or buzz, this might be a good move for you.

College is a learning experience in so many ways. Apart from your education, you’re learning about relationships, independent living, and self-discipline. It’s also a great time to learn about how technology can improve your life by saving you time, money, and inconvenience. As the leaves begin to turn, you’ll be at the top of the class with these cool technologies.

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