Want to Amplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts? Create a Gaggle

August 31, 2011

5:58 pm

It’s no secret that social media can drive engagement and increase business. Companies looking for a great place to launch their online marketing efforts should check out GaggleAMP, a cloud-based social media marketing platform.

GaggleAMP is the first social media tool specializing in social marketing amplification; it’s kind of like a business version of HootSuite. It allows you to massively distribute content and messages by creating a network of people (called a “Gaggle”) that share, Tweet, and post your messages and content. GaggleAMP pushes messages out through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to the people who already have an affinity for the company, potentially filling up the sales funnel. You can invite anyone to join your Gaggle, at which point that person has access to the content and the ability share it. It has a scalable SaaS model as well, so you can continue to use Gaggle as you grow.

In addition to distributing your messaging and content, GaggleAMP also delivers a full range analytics on the messages sent out through your social networks. You can view message reach, click-through analysis by message and platform, and the influence your Gaggle has on the social networks they’re in. Inherently, the “Gaggle Manager” (whoever is managing your company’s content) will understand what kinds of messages get shared and who it’s reaching.

You can meet the GaggleAMP team tomorrow night at Tech Cocktail Boston, where they are one of our showcased startups, and see the platform in action.

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Henry Sams is a Tech Cocktail intern, college student, and Washington, D.C. metro native who has a passion for new technology and marketing through social media. He has always been interested in new tech innovations, start-ups, and gadgets and would like to create a start-up of his own some day.

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