Here’s How GameOn Is Turning to Athletes for Advising

January 15, 2016

11:25 am

There is a new trend starting to appear and spread everywhere: businesses are hiring sports people and athletes as coaches and advisers, in what may seem like a strange move but, in reality, makes total sense. Sure, those athletes lack all the experience and knowledge that business people have from studying or from experience, but they do have experience in some other areas that really gets business people interested.

Athletes are used to tough situations, they master decision making (especially under pressure), and they surely know their way around people motivation and management, among other important knowledge they possess. Also, they know their respective sport better than anyone else.

Another way to look at this subject is visibility: getting a popular athlete on board is a great way to be known and mentioned everywhere. A great example on all this is GameOn‘s situation – GameOn is an social platform for sports lovers, that has a huge roster of sports people and athletes on their team.

Most noticeably Joe Montana, a four times Super Bowl winner that is also a company investor. But his role with GameOn is much more than that, as he helps the company connect with athletes and sports fans alike, while the tech team focuses on the development of the app.

Other major names include San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo, and Lawyer Milloy, member of the New England Patriots Superbowl XXXVI squad, as well as the USWNT star Sydney Leroux, from a total of 29 people.

To conclude, it becomes clearer now that integrating sports people and athletes into business has little to no bad effects. On the contrary, it can help in terms of strategy, motivation and decision making, as well as visibility. So, why not think about getting an athlete on your company?

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