Gamers Portal Seeks To Unite Online Gamers

September 15, 2010

7:16 pm

Video games have been a popular medium for quite some time.  I’ve been playing them ever since I can remember; first on my 386 PC and then on my Nintendo and I’ve been hooked ever since. Video games have been evolving at a rapid pace, becoming more sophisticated and immersive. However, recently they have become a more social experience with services like Xbox Live and Playstation Network, allowing players from around the world or around the block to compete against each other.  As online gaming networks have grown in popularity, it has become increasingly difficult to connect with gamers with similar interests, outside of your circle of friends. Gamers Portal a California/Chicago based startup is seeking to fix this problem.

Gamers Portal describes themselves as:

“the social catalyst for connecting gamers across the globe.  GP fuses social networking elements, contextual relevance to the online gaming vertical space, and various prototype services and products to a highly, dynamic destination tailored for gamers and the industry alike.

Some of the features Gamers Portal has to offer are:

  • Helping gamers and teams unify their identities
  • Provide utility services for the community such as recruitment tools, group calendars, and forums
  • Create meaningful relationships in real life by finding live/virtual events & gamers near you with similar interests

Gamers Portal has not yet launched, but will offer complete user-profiles, team management and recruiting tools, integrated social features, and more. The team came and demoed at our recent TECH cocktail San Francisco startup mixer and Gamers Portal seemed to be a hit, so if you are interested in joining their closed Alpha testing phase, apply via their site.

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