GazeHawk – Eye Tracking for All

March 11, 2011

11:30 am

Determining how users interact with your website or view your product’s messaging is a major challenge. Various testing methods exist such as analyzing click-throughs or the movement of a mouse, but what everyone wants to know – where is the eye drawn to first?

GazeHawk will tell you.

Since December 2009, customers have engaged with GazeHawk to run eye tracking studies quickly and easily.  The company was founded by two recent Carnegie Mellon University classmates Brian Krausz and Joe Gershenson on the simple idea that eye tracking shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for expensive consultants and giant companies.

GazeHawk: Eye Tracking for Everyone

Users simply enter a URL or image and a task. GazeHawk finds participants to run studies, has them look at the URL/image, and use its proprietary technology (both Brian and Joe were computer science majors) to determine what parts of the page they were looking at – using nothing but their webcam.  Customers are provided with an interactive reporting interface that enables them to dive into the data and extract useful metrics and recommendations.

With the unique combination of optical tracking and affordability sets GazeHawk apart from its competition, who offer custom hardware (expensive), screen/audio captures and mouse tracking services. The potential audience for GazeHawk is great – think of advertisers placing ads on homepages, online merchants dealing with registration and check-out pages as well as brand managers testing new images.

And, you’ll have your results in about a week.

If you’re in Austin on Sunday, you can meet the team from GazeHawk – they are one of the startups featured at our SXSW Accelerator Kickoff!

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