Generate Word of Mouth Instantly With Spreadable

October 5, 2010

5:10 pm

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get business or hits to your site for two reasons:

  1. It’s free
  2. It has better conversion rates than other forms of marketing

But word of mouth can also be one of the most difficult forms of marketing. Campaigns can be very hard to get started, and once you have a fairly successful campaign going it can be hard to track the influencers who are doing the best job of spreading the word. A new product from Grasshopper Group may be a solution. The product is called Spreadable, and its something they’ve used internally for about a year. According to the team, Spreadable alone increased their revenue by over $100K last year.

So what is Spreadable? It is a customizable widget that can be placed on your site that allows your customers to share your site, product or service with their friends via email or social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Google Buzz.  All you have to do is sign up and pick a name to have your widget hosted on Spreadable’s subdomain. You also have the option to host it on your own domain.  Next, you customize the look of your button and overlay. You can make the color scheme to match your site, add your logo, customize the message for each social network, and even add discount links. After that, just add the code to your site and that’s it.

The killer feature of Spreadable is the metrics tracking. With Spreadable you’ll be able to track referrals based on location, where on the site they sent a referral from, what social sites are most popular means of sending referrals, and who your top referrers are. All these metrics are tracked in real-time. Having this insight will be extremely useful to businesses looking to capitalize on word of mouth marketing.

Come check out Spreadable and meet the Grasshopper team as they  demo at TECH cocktail Austin on October 7th. And if you’re free Friday morning, the Grasshopper Group is hosting a post-Tech Cocktail breakfast! Come join us for complimentary breakfast and learn a bit more about some of the local Austin startups.

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Mark Bebawy (@markbebawy) is a Washington, D.C. metro native with a passion for all things web, social media, and startup related. Mark has an extensive background in technology, having worked in the field running his own IT consulting company that catered to small business.

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