Frictionless Communication is Crucial for Success [VIDEO]

March 27, 2015

10:00 am

It might sound like an easy question at first glance: why is it important that your team communicate effectively? Most people would be quick to offer a relevant answer, but there are fewer people who offer a relevant solution.

WorkingOn, a platform dedicated to providing frictionless communications, was built by George Diab, cofounder and CTO, as a solution to the problem of team-wide communications. It integrates with GitHub, HipChat, and Slack; all the tools you’re already using to communicate, and opens up transparent communications with your team.

For Diab, communications is the glue that holds company culture together which, as we’re all aware, is crucial for businesses of any size. You need to be able to communicate your vision with your team and if you can’t communicate with your company you’re destined for struggle.

Think about it this way: every time you get distracted it can take up to 15 minutes to get back to the point of where you were. If the management or the rest of your team doesn’t need to constantly ask what you’re working on, you can maintain an arc of productivity.

A solution like WorkingOn is especially beneficial for companies with distributed work forces, who need to focus on staying highly productive. All companies need to maintain a quick pace to keep up with the market and competition – every second counts, and not having to send emails for status updates saves a lot of time.

Transparent communications is something that Diab is passionate about, and for good reason. He came by our event at SXSW to talk more about the benefits of using WorkingOn for frictionless communications. Here’s the video:

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