Get Featured By The App Store With These Tips

October 27, 2015

12:35 pm

It’s quite difficult to get featured your app by Apple these days. The App Store is fast becoming crowded and the competition for shelf space is intense, with more than 1,000 application submissions every day. What you have to do to get featured? Here are 10 tips:

Create The Best App

The most vital thing is to develop an app that is of high quality. If your app is not a well-designed product that serves a true purpose, then it simply won’t get featured. If you have designed the app with a true purpose and audience in mind, then you boost your chance of being accepted. Make sure that you have tested it thoroughly, and completed market research about your competitors and industry.

Some apps simply aren’t fun, so test yours on your friends early on. If they like it, then test it in a market that is just similar to your target market. If they also like it, then you will have increased your chances of developing an audience.

Make Your App Universal

A universal app is an app built upon the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which was first introduced in Windows 8 as Windows Runtime. It is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. From the user’s point of view, it provides the best user experience without having to download two different versions of apps. That means if any user opens the universal app on iPhone, then he /she will see the iPhone version and will be seeing the iPad version if the user runs it on iPad.

According to Dan Counsell founder of Realmac Software, “If you were Apple had to select from two identical apps, one that was developed for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac and was integrated with cloud, another was developed for iOS and Android which would you choose? Develop your app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to boost your chances of being featured by Apple.

Invest In UI & UX

We know that competition is unquestionably fierce in the App Store, and you’re competing with lots of companies that have infinite resources with world class teams for their app development. To design an impressive and effective mobile app invest in UI/UX: never miss out on sketching wire-frames, opt for a personalized user experience, make sure that the app responds well to thumb gesture, and design a flat user interface as it is the key to as superb mobile design  Be sure to incorporate the ‘Full Screen Navigation’ feature into your app as well as give users a flexibility to login via their social media accounts.

Great App Icons

When people install an app, the first thing they see are the app icons, so yours should be simple, beautifully designed, memorable, and convey the prime purpose of the app from a quick glance. Don’t forget that icons are like the cover of a book, and it can determine if anyone will be interested in clicking or not. People are picky, so you have to try your best to make your app stand out. Having a great icon is one of the best ways to do this.

High Ratings

Apple looks at for featuring an app. Also, there’s no better sign than high ratings. So, motivate or encourage your users to rate and review your app which is vital for the early ratings and reviews. Keep in mind that if people rate within a shorter time frame for its release, then the higher your chances are of getting accepted by apple.

Develop Your Apps For Multiple Platforms

Develop your app to be used by the entire Apple family: iPhones, iPads or even Macs. Think about developing your app exclusively for iOS if you want to boost stack the odds in your favor, Apple gives a section of the App Store to Apple-exclusive apps, provided that most app developers build their apps for both Android and iOS. Your chances of featuring in this section is greater if you commit to iOS.

Marketing and Media Coverage

It is difficult to do, but is also indispensable for a successful launch. Create hype for your app, and develop a launch page to get people interested in the app’s release. Also, when the app is launched, build some buzz by generating reviews your app early on.

Before you think of releasing your app, your launch should have a marketing strategy planned to ensure it is hitting the right demographic. Also, consider hiring a PR team to engage bloggers and journalists to drum up support for your app and build some hype about its release.

Follow Apple’s Editorial Calendar

The App Store team has its own calendar of events and seasons or holidays, so feature apps accordingly. For example, if there’s an important event going on, then most likely there will be a special feature of the app. Also, if it’s July, then most likely Apple will push their “Back to School Campaign” featuring apps for students. Therefore, try to think ahead to guess what apps Apple might feature and adjust your marketing strategy according that in order to get noticed in the right time.

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