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July 26, 2015

10:00 pm

We recently heard about a startup that is bringing the Netflix model to the legal industry. Polished, launched earlier this month, offers a monthly subscription to those who have legal questions about their businesses.

Most entrepreneurs don’t know much about the legal side of things and turn to the advice or lawyers or advisors to make sure they’re doing things right. Retaining lawyers can be expensive, with costs getting higher and higher by the hour. When you just have a couple simple questions to ask, it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on something that you might be able to Google with some success.

However, Polished offers affordable rates to businesses (starting at $195 per month) to have their legal questions answered over email or over the phone (during business hours). They guarantee your question will be answered within 24 hours by a member of their experienced legal team. They’re available to answer questions like:

  • Do I need terms and conditions for my website, membership site, or app?
  • Is copywriting my work as tedious and expensive as it sounds?
  • I’m hiring an assistant, how do I determine whether she is an employee or an independent contractor?
  •  I received a cease and desist claiming my business name is infringing on their registered trademark. What do I do now?

Founder Rachel Rodgers started her service, Rodgers Collective five years ago with a goal of giving quality legal advice. She developed a secure client portal (aka, a virtual law office) where she would deliver advice to clients for a flat fee. The inspiration came from dealing with lawyers for her husband’s business.

“Before I was a lawyer, my husband and I hired several lawyers for my husband’s business. What we experienced was a series of disappointments— customer service was seriously lacking, our lawyers would randomly disappear, and we were once even yelled at by one of our own lawyers, whom we were paying for services. Trust me, paying someone out the nose to yell at you doesn’t feel good.”

So far, Polished has launched in New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois. Once you sign up for a membership, you’ll first fill out a brief questionnaire about your business, to give the legal team some background info. You’ll also received the Polished Welcome Guide and can start asking legal questions immediately.

If a monthly subscription isn’t what you’re looking for, here’s a list of some other legal tools available for entrepreneurs.


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