Clarity Releases eBook “Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs”

April 2, 2013

11:19 am

Clarity, the site that help entrepreneurs set up phone calls with mentors, today released an ebook called “Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs.”

The free, 40-page book contains 100 short pieces of advice. Clarity chose them from among the best startup advice submitted from entrepreneurs around the world, including Dave McClure, Laura Fitton, and Jonah Lupton.

This ebook is a nice, quick, one-hour read. It’s separated into sections, from product development to design, so you can read up on them whenever you need a refresher. Here are my favorite quotes from each section, which tend toward the inspirational.

Customer acquisition

Howard H. Thaw


“Business goes where it is wanted. business stays where it is appreciated. Business flourishes where it is nurtured.” -Howard H. Thaw



Eyal Toledano

“Know what you get yourself into. Don’t be naive. Go learn something. Soak in your failures. Test often. Iterate all the time. Dream about it. Iterate some more. Convince them to give you funding. Freak out because you got funding. Iterate some more. Stay hungry even if it’s tempting not to. Stay in the ‘let’s build this startup’ frame of mind. You’re just getting started. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Not even for entrepreneurs.” -Eyal Toledano


Dave McClure


“Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications” -Dave McClure



Andrew Cross


“When choosing a startup idea, the ones that scare the crap out of you in their magnitude are the ones you want to take note of.” -Andrew Cross



Jordan Coeyman“Find your passion pit. That deep feeling in your gut that makes you feel thrilled to be you, and embrace it. You don’t need to be a leader to everyone. You can only lead those who want to follow you, so decide what kinds of people you want to follow you.” -Jordan Coeyman



Anthony Volodkin


“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin



Perri Gorman

“It is so important to pick something to work on that is bigger than you, that you need to be in the world. So when you are ready to give up you don’t have a choice but to keep going.” -Perri Gorman



Lisa Nicole Bell“Relationships are the currency of life. Spend more time being interested than trying to be interesting. When you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll find that getting what you want is almost effortless. Value creation drives productive relationships.” -Lisa Nicole Bell



Eric Koester“Some of the best ‘code’ you will ever write in your company are the instructions for your team to service your customers. In today’s technology-powered world, customers appreciate the simple touches like a personal phone call or a handwritten note. Remember, it’s not how fast your website loads or the design interactions on your app – it’s how much your customer feels like your company is their personal champion.” -Eric Koester

Public relations

Heather Carson“Always remember to start with your story. Before asking for media coverage, dig deep and ask yourself, ‘Why is this technology or product so important to me?’ It may sound cliche, but having a strong sense of purpose speaks volumes to the news media. When you know your story and can tell it with meaning – your passion can be contagious.” -Heather Carson

Product development

Mike Tallent“Remember that your biggest fear and hardest obstacle is ‘motion.’ Without motion you are going nowhere. No matter how many people feed you negative energy or have problems with your ideas, if you have motion you are pushing through this and going somewhere. Where your startup path takes you doesn’t always matter. The beauty and creative energy lies in the journey and this alone is enough to benefit and prosper from the motion.” -Mike Tallent

Sales and business

Todd Schnick“Our purpose in sales is to seek enlightenment, to fully understand how we can serve our customer and prospect…not by the singular implementation of a generic message script and one-size-fits-all sales process, but in being mindful that every interaction is unique…and requires us to be in the moment and focused on each individual opportunity.” -Todd Schnick

Team building

Sally Ng


“You can’t fly with the eagles, if you’re hanging out with turkeys.” -Sally Ng



Venture capital

Geoffrey McCaleb


“Take advice because you value it, not to ingratiate yourself to whoever gave it to you.” -Geoffrey McCaleb

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