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May 26, 2015

9:00 am

When Greg Muender published a story on Medium called “Uber vs. Lyft: An Insider’s View,” he didn’t expect to earn $10,000. But that’s exactly what happened.

Muender added an Uber referral code to his story, so readers who signed up would earn him a bonus. The story went on to get so many views – 29,000, as of now – that he made thousands and thousands of dollars.

This month, Muender published his learnings from this story and the 59 others he’s written on Medium in The Ultimate Guide to Medium: How I Made $10,000 from One Single Story & Other Viral Strategies.

An entrepreneur and writer, Muender is the cofounder of Fatberry and author of other Medium hits like “I Lasted 37 Hours on Android” and “The 20 Second Modification That I Do With Every New Mac.”

The book (read a short excerpt here) details his Medium success and explains how to choose topics for stories, make them look beautiful, and distribute them far and wide.

Muender decided to publish on Medium, which means that readers who buy the book for $12 actually read it on the Medium platform, not in a Kindle or iBooks app. That allows him to illustrate key Medium features, and has a few additional benefits.

Regular ebooks are static: once you download them, your copy won’t change unless you download an updated version. On Medium, Muender can constantly update and tweak the ebook to take into account Medium’s evolution and feedback he gets from readers. Reader feedback on Medium is granular – tied to a specific sentence or paragraph, rather than being generic feedback about the whole book. Muender expects this kind of feedback will help him make the ebook better, and give him insights for future writing.

Whether you still don’t “get” Medium or you’ve dabbled with a few stories, The Ultimate Guide to Medium will give you something to think about. If nothing else, it’s a great example of skillful content marketing in action.

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