Getting A Head Start In The Virtual Reality Market

May 13, 2016

10:00 pm

There’s no doubt that virtual reality is set to explode in 2016, potentially revolutionizing many industries with the new technology. Investors know it, tech enthusiasts know it, and if you’re creating a startup today, there’s a high chance that it will impact your business in one way or another.

As far as headset tech goes, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are leading the virtual reality wave with their spring releases. However, you don’t have to wait until then to experience what virtual reality can offer. Both Samsung and Google have produced affordable solutions which can give you a taste of the future of virtual reality.

Experiencing Virtual Reality With Google Cardboard

The first, by Google, is Google Cardboard and it’s available right now. All you need is an Android powered smartphone, a cardboard kit, and you’re set! Google Cardboard is the most inexpensive was to experience virtual reality and can be the perfect gateway to new startup ideas. Almost all newer Android smartphones are supported and will be able to power the Google Cardboard application.

Once you’ve completed the downloading process, you’ll be able to experience 360 videos and pictures which immerse you in an entirely new environment. Even though the quality isn’t perfect (nor is the interface), it will still be enough to give you an idea of what virtual reality will look like.

Experiencing The Oculus Rift With Samsung Gear VR

The alternative is the Samsung Gear VR way. To get started, you’ll need a Samsung compatible phone and the Samsung Gear VR headset.


There are two major differences between the two. The first is that Samsung has partnered with Oculus to use the Oculus interface, providing users with a closer experience to the Oculus Rift. In contrast, Google allows users to access the store and library to get a general feel for the new Oculus-powered world. There’s also a big difference between the image quality of the two.

Due to the technology is being marketed to early adopters, there’s a lack of in-depth information available on the two products. Fortunately, users have put together a great guide to Samsung Gear VR, covering all the elements missed by the official documentation.

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