Getting a Hold on Big Data for Better Results

March 13, 2015

7:00 am

In today’s modernized world, information and communications technologies (ICT) play a big role in everyone’s lives and, because of that, big data is being mined at monumental rates – CSC predicted three years ago that, by 2020, data production will be 44 times greater than it was in 2009, in the order of 35ZB.

ZB stands for zetabytes, with a ZB being the same as one billion terabytes. That is really huge. All this information will have private and public origins, so it is important (and will be even more, in the future) to be ready to handle all these big clusters of data.

Logikcull is an e-discovery company, built specifically to trawl through thousands (or millions) of files (such as scanned documents or emails), organizing them, categorizing them and helping lawyers and other researchers do tasks in seconds (like find emails between specific parties in a lot of 10,000 emails) that would otherwise be done by hand.

The company has also been recruited by various branches of the government, including the cities of Baltimore and Washington D.C., to speed up Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. For the government to successfully obey its own dedication to provide information to citizens and, using Logikcull’s simple redaction tool, remove sensitive information that may endanger secret operations.

So, what can companies and services like the ones offered by Logikcull do? They can take the pain out of the whole really laborious process of going through huge chunks of data and files and categorize them, so that a specific file, or a specific piece of information, can be found with ease. This is useful to increase productivity, reduce costs and, for law firms and Governmental institutions, even speed up some decisions or rulings based on big data.

With the increasingly bigger production of data in our world, services like these will surely grow in the near future, and this is a market niche that can turn out to be very fruitful.


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