No More Yellow Pages: Getting Your Law Firm Online

September 20, 2014

12:00 pm

Research shows that as many as 90 percent  of consumers begin their hunt for any kind of service through search engine exploration and 70 percent of them do not even go past the first page of the results. While these statistics apply to almost all kinds of businesses, it is beneficial for attorneys to get their law firm online as they usually lack the time and resources to market themselves directly.  It is in this light that today’s highly competitive online marketplace demands strategies and tools that increase a company’s consumer base.

In this day and age where the internet has taken over practically everything in our lives, one can never undermine the role of having a strong web presence for their business. With increasing competition, businesses have taken to the internet to reach out to and multiply their client base. Having an online presence helps businesses reach out to more number of people while giving consumers an opportunity to compare and assess the best options available before choosing the right service for them at the click of a mouse button and over a very short period of time.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Customers, both old and new, start by performing a simple search on popular search engines to get hold of vital information regarding the kind of service they are looking for. When a client is in need of a legal service, he/she tends to employ a similar approach towards finding a firm that can cater to his/her specific legal needs. Looking at a law firm’s website will help the client understand various nuances regarding the firm’s specialization, their attorney’s win/loss records and their presence in publications and other print media. While having an attractive and informative website is necessary to convert visitors into clients, the website has to be firstly visible and accessible. So how does a company ensure its website successfully catch the eye of the curious visitor? Search Engine Optimization is the process through which the visibility of a website in a search engine’s organic search can be increased.

A marketing technique that is highly revered in today’s world, Search Engine Optimization entails several benefits for those firms that employ it strategically. This is a brand building, strengthening process which eventually results in a company being at the top of the search results, which are more often favored by consumers. Although this process involves a certain cost, it is a valuable long term investment for a legal business as it can multiply the impact of the firm and market its core values in a very positive and powerful way.

Effective Strategies in the field of Search Engine Optimization 

Experts in the field claim that Law firm Search Engine Optimization is all about designing a sound winning strategy to place the company’s website a notch above the rest. The process involves several steps most of which seem pretty basic but involve a thorough and meticulous understanding of the given firm as well as the market. Here are the basic steps involved:

Creating an elevator pitch that is short yet catchy. The firm’s values, its target market, its case history and its future plans et cetera, have to be strong enough to place the firm above the other players in the market.

Understanding the market and its current players, services offered by them and other trends in the market is necessary.

Understanding the target population for the services offered by the firm is another effective step. This gives a picture of the different ways (both online and offline) in which consumers will try to find out about the services offered by the firm thereby helping the firm reach out to a larger section of the target market.

Picking a niche is another simple way to tackle a market as many consumers tend to choose a firm that specialized in one or two specialization’s in the field of law over a firm that offers a wide range of services. The only exception to this rule may be in the case of larger well-established firms.

Finding the right keywords for the target market is another effective SEO technique. By choosing key words that the target population is most likely to use and utilizing them for titles and descriptors of the website is extremely effective.

Other techniques such as cross linking between pages of the same website to provide more links, updating web content to keep search engines crawling back et cetera, add additional weight to the websites and increase their prominence on the search engine.

While all of these steps may seem pretty straightforward, SEO is a business that cannot be taken lightly as it requires more than a few basic coding skills and an understanding of the market. Since organic, un-paid search makes for a large component of web traffic in the case of legal and attorney services, it is extremely important for firms to hire a specialist in the field of SEO as it involves the complex process of marketing and communication after understanding the various nuances of the legal field. Several Law Firm SEO Companies exist today that can come up with creative, out of the box strategies to improve a law firm’s overall business and commissioning one of these companies would be the best way to maximize the profit potential of a legal practice.

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