Gift Guide 2017: The Home Chef

November 20, 2017

3:50 pm

In the past year we’ve seen some massive wins and changes in the world of food, namely Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and both Blue Apron and HelloFresh going public. We’ve also seen some interesting insights from company leaders such as Papa Johns who is blaming NFL protests on their dwindling sales. Could these various shifts coincide? Of course! In the U.S. many of us were stuck with meager pizza delivery as a quick option for meals; however, we now have the likes of UberEATS, but more importantly pre-prepped meals now allow you to eat better foods at home. The rise of the home chef is real, if not in an industry bubble, which means there are plenty of gadgets and tech that will make for a perfect gift for them.

From the viral Instant Pot to sous vides, here’s a list of tech that any home chef would be happy to include in their arsenal.

Instant Pot – $90 (Price varies)


In the past few years the Insta Pot name has spread like a viral meme. Blame it on one of Amazon’s holidays or simply because these things have a lot to offer, either way it’s an affordable piece of hardware that allows you to consolidate some of that counter space. Pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker? It does all that and more. I haven’t used one myself, but if you ask someone to either your left or right at this very moment, they can probably give you a recommendation.

Uuni 3 Wood Fire Pizza Oven – $300 [TechCo Approved]

uuni 3

It’s portable, it’s wood fired, and it makes some amazing pizza. We’re not sure anything else needs to be said outside of that. If you must, you can read our full review here where we basically just tell you how much we enjoy eating pizza, and that lighting the oven in a breezy area can be a bit wonky.

Anova Sous Vide – $95 [TechCo Approved]

anova sous vide

Sous vide is a way of cooking or preparing food, which churns out restaurant quality results. In the past few years, a few connected versions have been released, with Anova being one of the more popular. We also use it for brewing beer, but either way, the Anova works amazingly well and is affordable for the technology.

Amazon Echo Dot – $50  [TechCo Approved]

Amazon Echo Dot Generation 2

Cookbooks? Forget that. With the Amazon Echo Dot, you can easily get your recipes dictated to you, all with a side of terrible jokes. And when you’re done cooking (depending on where you live), you can use Amazon Pantry to refill your supplies. As a now long-time user of the Dot, we can highly recommend this little sous chef.

Hestan Cue – $400 [TechCo Approved]

Hestan Cue

If you are a big fan of HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or the other pre-prepped meal delivery services, the Hestan Cue could be the perfect gift. Now, rather than waiting for food to appear at your doorstep, you can simply buy local and use one of their step-by-step recipes. Not only does the Hestan Cue walk you through cooking, it controls the heat for you so that you don’t burn it, and end up ordering pizza.

Pico C Beer Brewer – $500

Love craft beer, but never really got into homebrewing? The Pico C may just be what you’re looking for. For years Pico has been building out systems that automate the homebrewing process, and their latest one allows you to take already perfected beers from known breweries in an effort to bring fresh craft beer to your home. The machine also doubles as a sous vide, which may allow you to justify the amount of counter space it takes up.

Perfect Blend Smart Scale – $60

The Perfect Blend Smart Scale allows anyone to make perfectly delicious blended recipes using their home blender, from soups and dips to marinades and salad dressing (and yes, smoothies!). Connect the scale with the Perfect Blend recipe app (iOS/Android) on your smart device via Bluetooth. Each ingredient is measured by weight as it is added, while the virtual blender jar fills up in real time. The app tells you when you’ve added enough of the ingredient and moves on to the next step.

SimpleHuman Touchless Trash Can – $150

SimpleHuman Touchless Trash

Whenever you cook your hands get dirty. It’s just part of cooking. However, why make your kitchen even more messy by touching your raw chicken covered hands on the trash can lid when now all you have to do is wave at it. With SimpleHuman’s Touchless Trash you can simply use gesture controls to open it’s lid. They even have a new voice activated one, but that may be going too far.

Connected Wemo Crockpot – $84

Want to ensure your soup or stew is timed to finish perfectly along side your commute home? With the Wemo connected crockpot you can do just that with style and flavor.

Behmor Connected Coffee Brewer – $115 [TechCo Approved]

The Behmor Connected Coffee Brew System is more than a coffee brewer – it’s connected. It will enable you to customize your brew and control it from your smartphone from anywhere that you have a connection. You can brew your beloved cup of joe whenever or wherever you are: waking up in bed, heading home from the gym, or taking the redeye back after a long weekend.

Behmor Connected Coffee Brew System

Samsung Smart Fridge

What’s better than a random touchscreen on a fridge? How about a whole computer! Perhaps one of the most innovative brands when it comes to connected appliances, Samsung has been making waves with their smart refrigerator. What is essentially a computer within the fridge brings notes, music, photos, and various other apps that are relevant to your kitchen activities. Samsung also has a smart stove/oven system as well.

Bonus: Self-Driving Potato [TechCo Super Approved]

self-driving potato pontus

What chef, let alone anyone, would not want a self driving potato?

Stay tuned for the rest of our guide throughout the season. We’ll be covering holiday guides for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the DIYer, cannabis, entrepreneur, STEM, and various others.

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