Giftiki Revolutionizes Gift-Giving As We Know It

November 20, 2011

10:05 am

We all know the stress of finding someone the perfect birthday gift all too well. Before you know it, it’s 20 minutes before the party starts and you find yourself giving up on “perfect” and settling for a $25 Bennigan’s gift card you bought at the gas station on the way over. Giftiki, a new startup that aims to revolutionize gift-giving, is making sure your loved ones get exactly what they want – every time.

Launched just last week, Giftiki is revamping the Group Gift as we’ve known it. The idea is simple: everyone chips in as much (or as little) as they’d like, and Giftiki pools all this money together into one fund. The best part is, the recipient gets all the say in how to cash out the gift through – so they’ll always get something they actually want.

Recipients can cash out immediately with a gift card or prepaid debit card of their choosing, or can wait and keep the money in their Giftiki account for as long as they want. Recipients can even use their gifted funds to re-gift their friends later on. The days of trying to get rid of that hideous sweater vest your Great Aunt Shirley gave you via a new wrapping job are finally over.

The receiver also has the option to notify and thank those who have gifted them.

Giftiki is one of those companies that’s on the forefront of recognizing that the nature of shopping has really changed. The startup has partnered up with American Express and Serve to create a fun, easy and social way to gift your friends on any special occasion. Let’s face it: your social network is probably bigger than your wallet, so why not join forces to give a big, meaningful gift that you know is guaranteed to be hit?

Giftiki is completely free to use, and no registration is needed – all you need is a Facebook account to sign up. An iOS app is currently in the works, but you can check out the Giftiki public beta site here.

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