7 Great Gifts for the Geeks in Your Life

November 4, 2015

2:00 pm

The great holiday season is almost at our doorsteps (which means it’s probably time to get Amazon Prime, again). With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year ahead, there’s a lot of gift choosing to make. Whether you’d love to treat your startup team, co-workers or just fellow nerdy entrepreneurs, you are sure to find some amazing gifts for geeks in this list!

Polaroid Cube


Polaroid is no longer synonymous with instant photo cams (although the company did recently announce a new digital camera that prints instant photos). The company entered the digital era with a recently launched cute, colorful and super powerful action cam capturing stunning 1440p HD video for up to 90 minutes non-stop. Funky, compact and artsy, this cam easily beats the popular Go-Pro with the same amount of mountable options and better video quality. A great gift for the adventurous type of geek!

Prices start from $99.

Circuit Board Cufflinks


Don’t be afraid to wear your geekness on your sleeve. Made of genuine upcycled circuit boards (red and green) with bullet-backed toggle closures, these cufflinks are a perfect gift for all the geeks who need to suit up for the occasion.

Priced at $39.

Kelvin 23 All-in-One Tool


A compact, yet powerful hand tool designed for small everyday jobs from fixing a bike to hammering that nail to hang a picture. Kelvin has everything you need and more – a 5-foot tape measure, alloy magnets to hold loose screws, a tiny hammer and a screwdriver that can lock at 90 digress with 16 extra bits: Square, Hex, Flat and more!

Priced at $29.99

Celluon Epic Virtual Keyboard


No matter how large your smartphone screen, nothing can replace a good old keyboard. Unless it is this uber cool laser keyboard by Celluon, of course! This pocket-sized device projects a full-size keyboard on any flat surface. The recognition is fast and accurate, so you can always do you job on the go without caring your laptop with you.

Priced at $149.99

4M Hovercraft Kit


Sure, this is not that futuristic hoverboard, which has been on everyone’s wish list since Back to the Future II (nor is it one of those self-balancing scooters). Yet, this hovercraft kit still offers heaps of fun. Inside you’ll find a propeller, motor wires and all the other details a handy geek needs to build their own floating source of endless amusements. Sadly, they won’t be able to stand up on this 11″ x 8″ toy, but they can transport all sorts of stuff around the office.

Priced from $92.40 on Amazon.

The Computer Sanity System


Suffering from a surfeit of work? Well, this big red emergency button will launch a series of unexpected fun events to help you beat the working blues. You can pre-program up to five different scenarios that are activated once the button is pressed – an animated bomb explosion to destroy the endless steam of emails; a “work” spreadsheet to make you look more busy than you are; your favorite website is launched, a photograph of a detractor is walloped, or you get a big “Take a Break” sign to get you off the desk.

Priced at $10.95

Science Beaker Terrarium Set


A chic, industrial terrarium for a geek who’s not very good with plants, but definitely would love to improve their skills! Made from three, glass, Erlenmeyer flasks with emerald Mood Moss inside, this chemistry garden does not need frequent watering as the tapered shape of the lab flacks keeps most of the moisture inside. Besides, the clumsy geek would appreciate the break-resistant glass.

Priced at $59 at Etsy.


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