Helping Non-Profit Campaigns Succeed

June 17, 2010

4:32 pm

Charities, non-profits, and political campaigns have been quick to start using social media to spread word about their causes and efforts, especially in the DC area where there are lots of Non-profits headquartered. Through services like Facebook and Twitter organizations can rally support and collect donations. But it can be difficult to call those users to action, whether that action is to donate or to sign a petition. It can also be difficult to track what links are actually motivating supporters to donate or act.

A new Washington, D.C. based service called hopes to change that. offers a suite of tools and analytics to help better engage supporters and donors of campaigns and causes. The main feature of is the ActionBar which in their own words:

“Our technology embeds toolbars in the links you share that can invite your supporters to sign a petition, volunteer or donate directly to your cause. helps you capture your supporters’ attention at their peak level of motivation and immediately convert them into donors.”

Another part of’s suite of tools is their URL shortening service. can create URLs that are as short as 17 characters. This allows causes to have short memorable URLs that are easy to share. In addition to URL shortening also offers real-time analytics to help causes track who is clicking on links and figure out what types of content are driving supporters to action. The service can also tell where supporters are geographically, down to the city level. This can be very helpful for political campaigns.

In addition to all these services also offers personalized consulting to causes and campaigns to help them better navigate the sometimes confusing world of social networks and social media. looks like a very well rounded service that will no doubt be very beneficial to causes who are looking to better engage their supporters and donors on the web, as well as bring new ones into the fold. will be demoing at TECH cocktail DC 9 on June 17th during Digital Capital Week in Washington, D.C.

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Mark Bebawy (@markbebawy) is a Washington, D.C. metro native with a passion for all things web, social media, and startup related. Mark has an extensive background in technology, having worked in the field running his own IT consulting company that catered to small business.

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