What Would You Give Up to Never Get Hacked Again?

September 12, 2017

11:30 am

After 143 million consumers’ personal information was compromised in the Equifax hack, individuals and large companies alike are worried that hackers have free reign over the digital world. After all, it seems like every other week there’s a new headline describing some kind of cyber attack that has put millions of people at risk.

While there are plenty of cybersecurity measures out there to keep you and your company safe, people unfortunately don’t seem to care. In a recent study, 75 percent of CEOs admit that they use applications and programs that are not approved by their IT department, despite 91 percent acknowledging that their behaviors could be considered a security risk to their organization. And with costs reaching as high as $15.4 million in lost revenue, addressing the issue before it becomes a problem is a necessity for your burgeoning business.

But what about everyday people? Ransomware attacks and personal data breaches happen everyday, and people are having trouble dealing with the fallout. From offline backups to anti-virus software, there are plenty of ways you can go about protecting your personal information, your photos, and everything else on your computer. But one study has provided some insight into how much people hate being hacked with a few unique measures of their own.

The survey, conducted by Modis, asked 1,000 an interesting question: what would you give up to never get hacked again? The answers were as delightful as they were unsettling, as 42.4 percent of respondents listed alcohol as their number one choice. Social media (30 percent) and chocolate (29.1 percent) came in at number two and three, with meat (17.4 percent) and romantic partners (3.1 percent) rounding out the top five. Thankfully, only .7 percent of respondents offered up their own vision to avoid being hacked, although I would love to have a quick chat with the seven people that thought social media was more important than being able to see.

For more insights into how people feel about cybersecurity, take a look at the full study here and check out their cool, albeit creepy, looking graph below:

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