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February 2, 2015

9:00 pm

Today’s internet natives have become very accustomed to what we’ve begun to know as the ‘typical’ internet experience spectacle. We all know it very well, in fact as you probably came across this very article while browsing one of your favorite web pages. However, as we begin to transition into richer and newer media simply browsing the web isn’t going to cut it for the users of this generation much longer.

While in the past few years with the introduction to web 2.0 the internet has become a lot more of an interactive process, users are constantly looking for new ways to interact more with web pages. Opposed to passively browsing your users want to be fully immersed and feel part of the conversation. By giving your users  more interactivity and excitement than a static web page you’re not only entertaining them, you’re also creating a more loyal and engaged user base.

Give them a reason to stay

First things first, you need to give your audience a reason to stay. Although you may have the most informative content, or the exact product they’re looking for; if they’re not intrigued enough to stay on your site beyond the first 10 seconds they won’t get far enough to find out. If briefly browsing your blog doesn’t give them stimulating content, give them more. Users love to interact with one another so give them the platform to do so.

Spot.IM allows you to turn your web page into its own social network. In the corner of your page you’ll see a small popup chat which allows you to interact and build a community with your users. Your same old static content just became more interactive than plain old browsing. By giving your users the opportunity to talk to others about it, it takes on a growth and imagination of its own. Simultaneously building a network and community of loyal users and giving them a reason to stay and come back to your site time and time again.




Find out why they’re leaving

This has always been a big question in the realm of conversion rate optimization (CRO). Perhaps there are many reasons why you can’t seem to convince your visitors to stay on your page and become a loyal customer. It’s being seen more and more today that users just need to be stimulated more, if you give them a reason to stay they’re more than happy to stay and hang out.

Even before you provide your users with a reason to stay, you need to find out what’s causing people to leave your site, and what parts of your site you should make more interactive and engaging. There are many tools available like Crazy Egg’s heat maps that show you exactly where your audience is clicking, which aspects of the page are getting the most attention, etc. Utilize this information to first, optimize the site if you can see a lot of people are clicking on a certain feature and then leaving improve that feature.



Secondly, use the popular places in your website to provide more than basic browsing. Once you know a lot of people are being attracted to your site for your blog, provide them with richer content right then and there.Use interactive tools like Spot.IM to help engage your users on your page, provide them with more stimulating videos or something more than static passive content.

To conclude, users definitely want and expect more from web pages than they ever did before. If you’re not offering them the up to date and interactive web page that they’re looking for someone else probably is. Users of today are seeking out more active experiences on the web than passive browsing and as website creators and producers we have to learn new mechanisms to give them what they’re looking for.

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