Glass Planner is a Solid Alternative to iOS Calendar

March 24, 2015

4:00 pm

Let’s be honest here. Big name calender apps like Google Calendar and iOS calendars do a fine job for 90% of us out there. We just need it for simple reminders, such as dinner arrangements and dentist appointments, and that’s it. Add that to the fact that Google and Apple continue to adapt their apps to the needs of their consumers and we’re set when it comes to calendar apps, but for some people, that  still isn’t enough. Whether you’re looking for a less-cluttered interface or something to better manage tasks, there are 3rd party applications that can fulfill these needs better than the big names.

One such app, for iOS users at least, is Glass Planner. Glass Planner takes the mix of appointments, dates, and tasks and breaks it down into three simple segments: Plan, Act, and Done.


glass planner plan act


Plan is essentially your calendar. You can set dates, appointments, and tasks that need to be completed, and give details to each. This is great for quick looks at when your next meeting is, but Glass Planner really shines when you open up the Act section of the app.

Once in Act, Glass Planner takes and organizes all of your tasks and appointments from the Plan tab and displays them for you. You can even add new tasks while on this tab in case you forgot to add them earlier. Glass Planner doesn’t display them in a “regular” list, however. Instead, the app prioritizes your tasks based on what it believes you can complete quickly (such as responding to an email), to things you can complete in a moderate amount of time, to something that will take some time to complete (like going grocery shopping before getting home). The app does a pretty good job of prioritizing but it’s best to look it over and adjust it to your liking, because it does make some… odd choices occasionally.

The Done tab is pretty self-explanatory, and is your virtual pat on the back when you look back and see all you’ve accomplished for the day, week, or month.


Glass Planner Table

Overall, Glass Planner is a viable option for on-the-go techies, or the young entrepreneur who is just starting up and has a thousand things to accomplish in a day. Its smooth interface, unobtrusive learning curve, and simple three act setup of Plan, Act, and Done sets Glass Planner apart from many other 3rd party applications on the market. Does every Tom, Dick, and Jane have a need for Glass Planner? No, but for those needing more out of their calendar app, it might help organize your life just a little bit better than before.


Planner Image Credit: Flickr/Justin See

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