Glen Andrianov, Wingman: How Will Help You Find Love

April 10, 2013

11:00 am

When you sign up for an online dating service, it is generally a bad sign if you spend the majority of the time dating your computer. The whole point of online dating is to get out and meet somebody new, but that can be tougher than you think. Glen Andrianov, founder of OnlyADate, took his experience and frustration with this problem and revamped the process.

“Online dating should not be done behind a computer screen,” Andrianov says. “OnlyADate was designed to make it really simple, efficient, confidential, and fun to get offline and meet real people on real dates in the real world.”

Andrianov sees three major problems with the traditional online dating world: efficiency, confidentiality, and pricing models. “Mainstream online dating websites require an average investment of about seven hours online to meet somebody offline,” he explains.

OnlyADate strives to knock that seven-hour time period down to about thirty minutes. To accomplish this, Andrianov decided to eliminate online communication between members. But that is how people set up dates, right? Traditionally, yes, but Andrianov is not operating on a traditional model here.

With OnlyADate, the user still gets to select who they want to go out with. However, your time does not burn away while you go back and forth with messages. Members are relegated to two options: create a date or show interest in a date.

OnlyADate members will only pay à la carte for each offline date that they schedule, and whether you create a date or choose to show interest, the price remains a static $10. Since all profiles are guaranteed 100 percent active, the default is to mark them private to uphold Andrianov’s commitment to confidentiality.

When a user creates a date, their profile becomes visible to their local community after selecting a time, date, and restaurant for the meeting. This opens the doors for other users to show interest in the created date. The host sees the interested individuals and selects the ones they want to go out with.

OnlyADate takes over from there and notifies applicants of whether or not they were selected. Then, after the date is set in stone, OnlyADate will automatically phone the selected restaurant and schedule a reservation for you. The site works very hard for you to make the magic happen.

 “All of these measures prevent individuals from wasting time scanning hundreds of profiles on subscription-based websites,” explains Andrianov. “About 90 percent of those profiles are inactive, which means they are not paying for the monthly subscription, and thus unable to communicate with other members.”

So if the traditional model of online dating has you lonely, perhaps it is time for a change of pace. Get out, get some fresh air, and go on a date with somebody without spending the majority of your day setting it up. Let OnlyADate be your wingman or wingwoman, and you will not regret it; OnlyADate has your back.

OnlyADate was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Chicago mixer. 

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