Gliph: How to Meet Strangers Safely to Change Your Life (In a Good Way)

December 20, 2012

11:00 am

Privacy – Are you safe? When’s the last time you met a stranger and gave your information or identity away? Email? Phone number? Name? Ever had to create a fake email account? With so many questions and so many concerns, what’s the solution?

Earlier this year, “Take This Lollipop”, an interactive and viral Facebook application campaign, used Facebook Connect to weave your Facebook information into a short horror film with you as the victim. Shocked by online vulnerability, some users have begun to question further how safe they are online. Not limited to any particular social networking site, online interaction, or face-to-face interactions, your privacy and public information is sometimes more accessible than you may believe.

How can you be safe? online? via digital interactions? email? in person?

While we don’t have all the answers to online or offline safety, one easy solution to privacy and private email is Gliph.

What is Gliph?

Gliph is a secure and encoded digital communications app. Gliph allows strangers to communicate while maintaining privacy through Gliph accounts, which consist of 3-5 symbols serving as usernames, and through Gliph Cloaked Email™. Your personal anonymous Gliph account is free, communication between Gliph users is free, and your first Cloaked Email™ (where you can pick from randomly generated selections) is free.

Who are Gliph’s founders?

Gliph is founded by:
Rob Banagale (@jetsetter, CEO), former Director of Strategy at Übermind (now Deloitte Digital)
Nick Asch (@nsasch CTO), developer of the official “The Bachelor” and “American Idol” Facebook games.

Why use Gliph?

Meet strangers who can possibly help you out – safely and legally, of course!

What you’re missing out on if you can’t connect to strangers:
– ways to save money or gain money (oh, the missed deals!)
– gaining a new friend or love interest (true love, anyone?)
– professional advancement or industry connections (think Six Degrees of Separation)

“Despite high connectivity, the world is full of unrealized personal and organizational relationships due to lack of trust.”
-Rob Banagale, co-founder of Gliph

Tech Cocktail: Who are Gliph’s competitors, and what makes Gliph better?

Gliph: – Gliph focuses on offering useful functionality in addition to a data locker.
Whatsapp/Google Voice – Gliph offers real secure text messaging and encrypted data storage.
Facebook – Gliph focuses on the very beginning of relationships, long before people become “Facebook friends.”

Tech Cocktail: Who currently uses Gliph?

Gliph: Gliph is used by everyone from teenagers to lawyers to church-going grandmothers. We’ve talked with all of them. The two most common use cases for Cloaked Email™ today are in Craigslist transactions and in online dating. People definitely do not trust online dating websites with their real email address. If you’ve ever signed up for a service like this, you probably know why.

Tech Cocktail: Forrester Research included you in their new report on consumer security; it seems unusual for an early stage startup to get that level of attention from a leading research firm. How did you do that?

Gliph: Our team at Gliph  has been working for a year to build creative solutions for consumers. We truly believe in giving consumers more security and privacy online so they can feel comfortable to sign up for and interact with whomever they want without fear of spam, tracking, stalking, or worse. These efforts are being recognized by professionals throughout the tech industry, and the Forrester article is just one example of that.

Tech Cocktail: And so… how do you meet strangers safely to change your life in a good way?

Gliph:“Protect your privacy. Connect safely.” Try Gliph.


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