GLMPS Takes Video Clips With Every Photo To Capture Slices Of Life

August 4, 2011

6:59 pm

I love to take photos and videos with my mobile device and know I am not alone as there are new applications popping up everyday tackling this space. Instagram captured the mindshare of millions of people very quickly by offering a quick view of what your friends are doing. Path looks to capture moments to share with your friends. Both applications have been met with fanfare. Today GLMPS burst onto the scene with some supportive words of Robert Scoble as he tweeted:

“Instagram has new camera competitor on iPhone.”

While I find GLMPS interesting, I am not ready to jump on the GLMPS wagon just yet. So let’s first take a closer look at GLMPS and you can decide if you think if Instagram with it’s millions of users should be concerned.

GLMPS is a simple iPhone application that takes photos just like many other apps, but also captures a few seconds of video leading up to the photo being taken. In testing GLMPS, it looks a lot like Instagram as it offers a simple way to view other peoples photos. But taking a photo with the application is a little tricky. As soon as the shutter is open, GLMPS starts recording video. Then once you click the button to take a photo, the last few seconds of video is merged with the photo bringing it to life. It’s a fun way to capture those “slices of life” leading up to taking a photo, but I have to admit it took about a dozen takes before I was finally able to time the photo and video recording right to create my 1st GLMPS and even that creation left little to be desired (see below).

Download GLMPS for iPhoneGLMPS - GLMPS

GLMPS currently allows users to share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare which should help it with its initial adoption and growth. What got me hooked on Instagram was the ease to share everywhere. I will have to keep testing it out to see if capturing video and photos at once is something worth doing every day and time will tell if the app shows similar growth to Instagram.

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