Technology Developments to Help Increase Your Global Presence

September 14, 2015

10:00 pm

While many companies wish to increase their global presence, they don’t always want the associated costs that go hand in hand with building an overseas workforce or setting up remote offices. Fortunately, developments in technology mean it is now possible to build an international presence without a need for substantial investment.

Improvements in Communication

One of the biggest barriers to expanding overseas has always been communication, both from a cost perspective and because it often proved less than reliable. The introduction of VoIP technology has changed this situation, and it is now possible to communicate worldwide without leaving the country.

Here are some of the methods you can implement to grow your global reach:

  • International phone calls: Because VoIP calls are carried out over the internet both long distance and international calls can be made at a low rate. You can even opt for phone numbers which look as though they are local to the potential clients you are seeking, so there is much less of a barrier for people to call you.
  • Videoconferencing: This can be used both for client meetings and for staff training of freelancers working from home overseas. Being able to see the person you are speaking to builds a level of trust which wouldn’t be present otherwise.
  • Screen Share: If you need to offer technical or client support to customers overseas, screen-share can be of huge assistance when it comes to solving queries swiftly.
  • Instant Contact: Online chat, instant messaging and click-to-call buttons on adverts and embedded in your newsletter can be a way to reach out to potential clients quickly and easily. Often your audience won’t even be aware they are speaking to someone in another country.

Your Virtual Storefront

Another key way to successfully building your brand overseas is through your website. With the use of content marketing and careful implementation of strong SEO practices you can start to capture search traffic from around the world.

If you wish to target certain countries or even cities then investment in international search marketing, such as Google Pay-Per-Click, is a good idea. Through this type of campaign you can be sure to reach people in specific locations who are searching for what you offer.

Naturally people will be more engaged with a website in their own language, so consider the possibility of having your site professionally localized for specific locations. Not only does this ensure the translation is at a native speaker level but it also picks up on many of the subtle nuances that a non-native speaker would not be aware of and which could lose you clients if not rectified.

A Virtual Office

If you need a physical address in the location where you are seeking clients, one option is to invest in a virtual office. This gives you a prestigious address and sometimes the option of occasional meeting space, so if you wish to travel to the country for client meetings you have a ready-made office.

A virtual office also allows you to receive physical post, which can be important for business or legal reasons. Many companies will offer the service of scanning post and sending it to you via email, so you are always up to date on correspondence.

Social Media Is Inclusive

One final element to consider is your social media presence. Most social media platforms are available worldwide so it is relatively easy to grow a global presence. Just be careful regarding your wording and try to include content which will be of interest to people internationally.

In our increasingly globalised society it is now relatively easy to grow your client base overseas. The tools at our disposal today allow us to communicate with potential customers wherever they are located. Once the sale has been made ensure you have a strong client support system in place so your global reputation remains a good one.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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