4 Tips to Get More Stars on Your Google Seller Ratings

April 25, 2017

10:30 am

Online reviews provide the first impression many consumers get of brands. Just as important as reviews, however, are star ratings. On Google, a seller’s star rating appears next to search results, showing at a glance what consumers think of the brand.

To enjoy better visibility and a more positive Google seller rating, make these four points part of your review collection process.

Be Amazing

Providing high-quality products and stellar customer care is the best way to generate positive feedback about your business. Whether you sell physical goods or offer essential services, doing what you do better than your competitors in the industry creates a superior reputation and makes customers want to tell others about their experiences. Put your energy into being the literal best in the business, and five-star reviews will follow.

Spread the Word – In Detail

To get starred reviews from customers, you have to let them know where to go to leave feedback, and they have to understand what to do once they get there. Many businesses miss out on five-star reviews simply because they fail to ask customers to go over to Google and share their experiences. When requesting a review, point your customers directly to your company’s Google page, and ask for a star rating to accompany written comments.

Don’t Incentivize

You might think giving customers a discount, gift card or free product in exchange for a review is a surefire way to get good reviews on Google. You’re right, but it’s also unethical in almost every case. Unless reviewers disclose the incentives they receive in exchange for feedback, it’s possible to not only lose your account on review sites but also be fined by the FTC.

Regulations regarding truth in advertising and rules set in place by review outlets dictate what you can and can’t do to generate positive reviews. Although you can’t provide tangible “payment” for feedback, you can remind customers how their reviews will help others make good purchasing decisions in the future. This may be enough of an incentive for some to leave a review when they might otherwise see no reason to do so.

Follow Up

Remind recent customers to leave reviews with a follow-up email, postcard or call. Phone calls may be most effective in service industries, and you can use the opportunity to ask how to improve customer experiences in the future. Remember to point people to Google, and give them directions for leaving star reviews.

A higher star rating on Google means more people will see your business in a positive light regardless of whether or not they’ve purchased from you before. Increasing your brand’s visibility pushes the competition down and drives more leads to your site. Getting more visitors translates to more happy customers and an ongoing stream of positive reviews to boost your Google star ratings.

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