Is Google Glass Becoming Normal?

July 22, 2014

9:16 am

Well, the only thing that comes to mind (apart from weird) when we talk about Google Glass is technological advancement. When the news about this wearable computer hit the market, it had become quite obvious that Google was attempting to bring the future one step too close to the people.

However, the big question here is whether people are ready to enjoy and utilize a technology as new as this. We have all come across many reports of Glass explorers being apparently attacked in bars and wondered, “What is wrong with people?!” However, it’s important for us to understand that acceptability is an issue that the entire human race has dealt with ever since Eve made Adam have the darn apple!

But why the hate?

I don’t quite think we can call it hate towards Glass. I’d bet it is (for lack of a better word) curiosity in a little twisted form. A lot of people still do not know what Google Glass is all about. They mostly consider it to be some sort of spy camera or hidden tool to take pictures of unsuspecting people and share them online.

This misconception needs to be cleared and a little effort has to be made by both Google and the explorers (who are often too arrogant basking in the glory of owning a magical device) to ensure that people warm up to it.

Alright, so here’s what Glass really is

Google Glass is a head-mounted wearable computer that allows you to perform various tasks, including:

  • Recording videos and pictures from the point-of-view angle while you are participating in the act as well
  • Carry out long-distance journeys with the help of a visual map
  • Get information on various places or objects with one click while looking at them
  • Live video chat from the point-of-view angle
  • Instant photo and video sharing on the Internet
  • Viewing photos and videos live from the Internet
  • Getting regular feeds on selected topics as and when required
  • Ready assistance with any content over the Internet with the help of full-fledged search

How is the Glass used in various industries?

Since such a unique piece of technology has come to the fore, it is impossible to use it only as a silly spy camera. There are vast possibilities of better uses.

The various industries where Glass can be used include just about everything you can think of. In fact, the basic objective of having an explorer program was to see and gauge the potential of people using Glass in diverse segments.

This has, of course, shown that Glass is so much more than a wearable camera. The industries that it has touched include:

Medicine. This, you have probably heard of. The recent news was the explorer surgeon who used Glass in a surgery. It can be called one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of medicine in the last couple of years.

It allows doctors to broadcast the surgery that they are performing via the Internet to any part of the world, to any number of people, live. This will allow the surgeon to get remote assistance in surgeries without any problems. It will also allow surgeons to help new medical students observe surgeries from the point-of-view angle, which will help in a big way.

Firefighting. Another industry that has seen the development of Glass is firefighting. It allows firefighters to track and find humans who are trapped. It will also be helpful in assessing the level of difficulty by calculating heat and temperature in a fire, and depth and distance in other tragic situations to give faster and better results.

Glass can be extremely useful in other industries, including the retail sector, media and branding, fashion, food, and so forth.

Increasing acceptability

Having said this, it’s obvious that if people know about how useful Glass could be, they would be more likely to accept it. Glass has also come out with new designs – the titanium collection – that have prescription or plain glasses that make the wearer a lot more normal and a lot less Star Trek!

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