Google in Real-Time [Infographic]

May 27, 2016

8:00 am

Probably the most interesting thing that you’ll see today, the infographic below highlights the sheer number of people that use Google on a daily basis.

The infographic shares some of the more essential stats about Google – such as the number of people running searches on the Internet’s largest search engine. It also tells you about the number of people watching videos on YouTube, as well as the hours of videos watched on Google’s video streaming service. It also shows the amount of money that Google continues to spend on research and development, as well as the number of Chromebooks that the company ships every second, the amount spent by the company on traffic acquisition, and the sheer amount of money made by Google in terms of revenue.

The infographic also provides details about the amount of Internet traffic that passes through Google’s servers. Google is the largest tech company in the world, and the company has made a huge name for itself over the past few years for its unique technological developments. Products such as the Chromebook and Google Glass have achieved huge fame in the industry for merging functionality with a stylish design. Most importantly, Google’s ad department also generates millions of revenue within minutes, since it is such a vast network.

google in real-time

This infographic is courtesy of Advancis


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